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Christmas Hotel by Saundra Staats McLemore

Welcome to Christmas Hotel! In 1850, in the quaint little village of Franklin, Kentucky, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoy built this magnificent Italianate structure with much love and prayer. Their hope was that people would come from all over the world to find their Christmas miracle, and realize that Christmas should be a continuous celebration in one's heart. Therefore, carved into the façade of Christmas Hotel were the words: Where Jesus's birth is a daily celebration.

Thirty years later, Captain Bazell, a Civil War Yankee officer, and his wife purchase Christmas Hotel with intentions of carrying on the mission of Christmas Hotel, which the Hoy's began. The Bazells also hoped to aid in mending of the rift caused by the Civil War, and to help their troubled daughter overcome heartache from the accidental death of her fiancé.

Over the decades, many visitors come and go. Christmas Hotel becomes known as the "happy place" for newlyweds, and many couples are married in Christmas Hotel's chapel. Unfortunately, most guests arrive at Christmas Hotel helpless, scared, and emotionally wounded. Come into Christmas Hotel and meet a young, pregnant, and penniless World War Two widow, a frightened and physically abused orphan and the dog which protects her, three traumatized, unmarried and pregnant young women, a grief-stricken wife and mother whose husband suffers from PTSD, a man who questions his faith, a seriously ill young woman, and a tragedy at Christmas Hotel. All will search for a Christmas miracle, but they'll leave Christmas Hotel after finding the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ.

Books in Series: 6

Genre: Christian/Inspirational Romance