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Chaos Company by Christopher Slayton

A team of genetically enhanced soldiers code-named Chaos Company are the best ground forces combatants the United States military has to offer. During their time of service nothing has come close to challenging the team or their abilities, until they come home. When their guard is down the Chaos Company find themselves against violent threats they’ve never experienced, and are forced to confront them with limited support from their government.

While thrown into a world of explosive operations, each Chaos Company member struggles between having personal lives, and carrying out assignments directly from President Jennifer Grey. Especially team member Desmond Striker, who wants nothing more than a life of peace and happiness with fellow teammate Anna Young.

Lines will be crossed, alliances will be made, and enemies will hide in the shadows and among friends. In a country full of chaos, each team will learn it’s not their abilities that will see them through, but the company they keep.

Genre: New Adult Super Human

Books in Series: 4    

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