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Catching A Wave to Sycar -- EPUB

  • A Teen-age girl is transported into another world while surfing. She is given the power to transform into any creature to save the citizens of Sycar.
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Release Date:
March 21, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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The moment teenager, Sophia Anderson, paddled into the huge wave she knew something weird had happened. She just didn't know how weird. When the wave transported her to an island paradise in another world she thought she must be dreaming, but when she encountered a talking butterfly, and an amphibious girl from another planet, she was convinced that she'd never been more awake in her life.

The butterfly is Truson, the lord of all worlds. The girl is Norie, an amphibious girl from the dying planet, Sycar. Truson has called them on an adventure that is both thrilling and dangerous, as much fun as it is frightening. Granted the power to become any bird or sea creature the girls face one danger after another, forming a friendship that will transcend their distant worlds. Can they rescue Sycar's people in time?


As everyone knows, butterflies don't fly in a straight line, and this one was no exception, but it followed the path, and turned right when the path split in two directions. When the butterfly got too far ahead, it landed on a branch or flower and waited, then flew off when I was close. It fluttered up and down, back and forth across the path, but stayed along the path, and within sight.

Where are you leading me? I didn't say it out loud, only thought it, but the answer came.

"Come along, brave one. The other child is near.

The other child. What other child? Brave? Was it joking?

Presently, the path led me around a sharp corner, and I saw a huge tree blocking the path. No, it didn't block the path. The trail led to the tree. There was a door in the center of the trunk, with two windows on either side of it. As I looked up, the butterfly flew up to a house in the branches above me.

"Do you want me to come up there?" I asked aloud.

"Yes, through the door, came the silent answer.

I pulled it open and went inside. In front of me a spiral staircase led up. I took the steps one by one. On occasion, I looked out through the windows spaced along the way. The forest was tall, and I was obviously in one of the tallest trees.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I found a very cool room with white wicker furniture decorated with colorful pillows. The room had many large windows which opened to the ocean breeze. The small space held a kitchen with a breakfast table, a sitting room with couches and comfortable-looking chairs, and a library with lots of interesting books on the shelves.

"How awesome is this," I whispered to myself. I walked through the rooms quietly until I came to French doors which opened onto a balcony. I walked through them and stopped dead still, for a girl stood watching me. She was a pretty island girl just my age, with long flowing black hair and clothes unlike any I had ever seen before. The pants and top were loose-fitting and flowed around her with the breeze. What color they were I couldn't really say. Their airy, rainbow colors created a halo of light around her. She looked at me with big sad eyes. When she turned to face me, she spoke softly in a language I had never heard before, but for some weird reason, I understood her perfectly. By this time, I was getting used to weird and was just going with it.

She said, "The Teacher said you'd come. I've been waiting, but it's been hard."

"The Teacher? I don't understand. Who is the Teacher? How did he know I'd come?"

"Truson, the Teacher, is the one who led you here. He's the one who called you to his island."

"The butterfly is the Teacher?"

"Truson is whatever he chooses to be at the moment. I think he brought us here for a purpose."

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