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Call of Duty: Deadly Loyalties -- EPUB

  • Two elite soldiers team up to train a select group of operatives to fight terrorists bent on tearing down the very fabric of America.
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Release Date:
September 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer
Cover Model:
Scott Nova

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Chantilly LaFluer's old commander presents her with the monumental task of creating an experimental ops squad unheard of before 9/11. A colossal opportunity to make her vision of a Skunk Works team into reality. The only hitch to her plans? One of her trainers.

Bucky Stevens, Green Beret and rogue soldier, agrees to come on board to help his friend, Major Jensen. Beats sitting behind a desk. What he didn't expect was his latest conquest as his first in command. And that's when his problems began.

They answer the call of duty to train an alphabet group of recruits in the latest cutting-edge technology. Danger hits close to home sooner than the top brass expected and their team is shoved into the field. With high adrenaline and higher stakes, can Chantilly accept the deadly loyalty her commander asks of her and walk away with her life still intact?


"That was pretty cool, what you did."

She looked up but showed no overt emotional reaction. She knew the deep male voice intimately and could feel the heat emanating off him. "What did I do?"

"You showed them size doesn't matter."

Chantilly gave Bucky a sly grin, choosing to keep her response a bit tamer than normal, given the sexual innuendo of his remark and the fact she was his boss for this assignment. She ran the towel over the back of her neck. "It's all in the technique."

"Until you meet someone who knows those same moves and methods. Then someone of your stature will be in trouble against someone my size."

"I don't think so," she countered, but her heart sunk. She had hoped he would be different from the normal males with egos she usually ran into.

"I know so. I've seen it happen time and time again. Because I'm larger, stronger, and know all the textbook techniques, I would kick your butt in a heartbeat. So the moves you're teaching this team will get them killed."

Chantilly forced herself not to react to his claim. Normally she would have chewed out a person underneath her supervision for such disrespect, but this wasn't just some lackey. She was drawn in so many ways to this man. A man that knew his stuff, someone to respect. His act of questioning her abilities pissed her off big time but she couldn't let her emotions control her.

Too much was riding on her success.

She knew what she was doing. He didn't have a clue as to her background or training. He knew nothing about her and what had brought her to this point. Apparently he thought that just because they had hit it off in a sleazy pool hall and had hot sex in the back of his vehicle he knew everything about her. She forced herself to calm down. "That cockiness is what will enable me to kick your ass."

Bucky chuckled. "No way."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Not a challenge, just a fact. I would easily overpower you in hand-to-hand." Bucky sat down beside her and leaned against the wall as he crossed his arms over his massive chest.

"Then you're on," Chantilly countered.

Bucky leaned forward. "You're serious? In front of all these recruits? I thought you were smarter than that."

"Than what?"

"Than allowing yourself to be dominated by somebody superior to you."

It was Chantilly's turn to laugh. "That's funny."

"What is?"

"That you think you're superior to me."

"I am. I know your moves, your techniques. This means I will always have the upper hand."

"You're making an assumption based on a miniscule amount of information gathered, which is what will let me kick your ass."

"So are you willing to prove that?"

"Prove what?"

"That you can kick my ass."

The recruits were coming back into the area. Chantilly didn't have much time to make her decision. She looked over at the group moving toward them and then looked at the man who was putting her on the spot. "Yes, I am."

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