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Call of Duty by Tamara McHatton

Cat Jensen, wife of Garrett, a Green Beret soldier, knew danger was part and parcel of her husband's military career but never expected it to come crashing into her private life. When her family became a target for the scum of the earth, she vowed to fight by his side with any means necessary. Her reality -- alongside his friends and Special Forces colleagues -- would never be the same from that point forward.

Politicians and game players require Chantilly LeFluer to team up with a Green Beret hero to create a group of elite professionals trained to work together and combat the unknown threats to national security. Members from the military, private, and scientific communities combine their specialties to track down and take out terrorists sitting on their home turf. America becomes their new battleground to test their skills.

Changing leadership in the ever-shifting game of military ops puts trainer Lady G in the precarious position as temporary leader of a covert mission. Now her job is to prepare her small team to work through losses and take a cult by storm. So now she faces the question -- is this seemingly run of the mill preppers more of a threat to the US than terrorists?

Books in Series: 2

Genre: Military Suspense with Romantic Elements