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By Starlight -- EPUB

  • Teenager Kit sets out to find a missing friend in the mountains of British Columbia. Camping skills and a clever totem animal help, but she really needs to rely on her friends.

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Release Date:
July 1, 2014
Cover Artist:
Debbie Taylor

Product Description


The night my best friend Gracie disappeared, I had a nightmare.

A monster loomed from the shadows around the campfire. I ran. The thing stretched after me…

I woke gasping, afraid it might somehow be true. Gracie could always make me feel better – but she didn’t respond to my email. Not that night; not ever.

That's what lead to my summer camp counselor job here near Gracie’s home. Hiking and canoeing fill every moment but I don't forget why I'm here. I’m going to find Gracie.

The camp-owner, a famous Native seer, isn’t any help. Her herbal healing and Spirit Bear talisman won’t help find Gracie.

There's the local ranger and my campers, but will they believe me? I’m alone with this. Somehow, every step toward Gracie takes me nearer to something scary. This is a mystery I must solve.


"Shhhh." Frankie, riding point, set her paddle in front of her. She deftly removed her camera from its bag. I followed her gaze, past the high yellow-tipped grasses in a pocket of boggy greenery. Dark, vine-covered stumps jutted from the black surface of the water. Long branches of goldenrod lay flattened, at the foot of narrow, dark limbs. No, not tree limbs, those were legs!

Frankie hastily snapped a photograph of the moose. The animal’s face was half-submerged, but as we glided by, it slowly raised its head and stared at us.

Immense, it stood with long green growth hanging out of its mouth and trailing back into the water. Everyone saw it now. Quiet fell over the lot of us. Frankie leaned this way and that, trying, I guess, to get an exceptional shot.

Slowly, the moose dropped its head back to its soggy grazing.

Chelsea let out a long, drawn out "Coooooool."

I wondered if the kayakers had belted by without even noticing the massive animal by the riverside.

The quiet creek allowed us to glide with paddles barely touching the water. I think after spotting the moose we were all of the same mind.

All we needed now was to see a bear. I stared hopefully into the thick woods on our other side, thinking they might prefer the shade of the evergreens. The girls had to be thinking the same thing, because quiet hung over us; a quiet full of expectations.

Nice that the kayakers had shot ahead. They were always chattering and would have ruined the chance for us to see wildlife.

A splash alerted me again to the swampier side. It held more promise for a bear. Tempting, large dandelions grew right down to the water's edge, and beyond that, stalks of what might be wild rhubarb. Nearer, maple saplings bowed over the river, trailing their leaves and making little circular ripples.

Dragonflies hovered in formation in the shadow of the little maples. They darted up and sideways, always keeping a strange, arrow-shaped formation, as we drew abreast.

A stick twirled slowly in the gentle current, caught in a scrawny maple branch. The yellowy stick had a strangely curved arch as if, somehow, man-made. The dragonflies shot upward as I reached it. I stretched very carefully to grab it. The strange stick snapped closed over my hand…


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Product Reviews

  1. "Kitsai intrigued me from the beginning..." 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2014

    "Kitsai intrigued me from the beginning. She wavered between acting much younger than her chronological age and understanding the mystery of what happened to her friend better than any of the adults around her.

    The mystery itself was gripping and well-paced. As someone who once lived in British Columbia, it was eerie for me to pick up on the similarities between this piece of fiction and the real life missing person cases from that province that still remain unsolved. In no way it is necessary to know anything about those cases in order to enjoy this story, but I do think it will be a fun bonus for readers who are familiar with them.

    I’d recommend By Starlight to fans of the mystery and young adult genres alike."

    ~ Astilbe, Long and Short Reviews

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