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Burning Bridges -- EPUB

  • Kirin Matthews has only ever loved one girl but when her past ties them both in a web of lies, their future comes into question.
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Release Date:
December 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Emmaline Rose Jones, daughter of a popular Arizona Senator, has twice as many secrets as truths. One truth, she hates her first name; for two secrets, fake it to make it more than a saying and she knows better than anyone that what you see is not always what you get.

Kirin Matthews is an open book, coming from a normal family without any real secrets. His one secret is his most treasured truth; he has been in love with the same girl since he was eight. When he makes plans to move forward, secrets he never would have imagined tie up his plans, thoughts and possibly his future.

When her past and his future collide to show the secrets of politics and the darker side family life. Even with a past revealed and a future altered, Kirin and Rose cling to one another to take down the worst evil she has ever had contact with, her own family.

With Kirin’s hope of a future and Rose’s fiercely protected secrets hanging in the balance they must decide if the past will rule their lives forever. If they do, their future may be a sacrifice they never intended to make.


"It wasn't that easy, Kirin."

He knew her better than anyone with the exception of Mackenzie. She was strong enough to handle just about anything so there was no way she would allow her uncle to do this without a reason. She slid her hand across the bed to him and he took it, pulling her to him and wrapping his arms around her until their foreheads were leaning against each other. Rose took a deep breath before looking into his eyes and starting what he assumed would clear the air of confusion.

"I had to keep Josie safe..."


"Just listen. I don't pretend to understand their sick minds, but Jonathan and Shawn got off on my rebellion, I guess you could call it. I figured that out quick, and I knew if I could keep them coming at me they'd leave her alone."

"So you took the brunt of it for her?"

Rose tipped her head to look him in the eyes. "Wouldn't you? To protect Evan or Lauren, wouldn't you." He wished he could argue with her logic, but he knew she was absolutely right. If there was a chance one of his siblings could be hurt, and he had any way to stop it, he'd do it.

"But, when your Nana reported the abuse, why didn't both Jonathan and Shawn go to prison? Didn't she tell the authorities both of them were involved?"

"My mother," she answered simply, and Kirin arched an eyebrow. She chuckled, just a little. "She threw him under the bus more than the media ever could. She wasn't going to let him damage the perfect family image she had worked so hard to form. Shawn tried to turn state's evidence against Jonathan, take him down with him, so he could strike a deal with the D.A. But with the amount of money Jonathan could throw at a team of lawyers, and the control he had over media and various other connections, Shawn didn't stand a chance."

Kirin looked into her eyes as she spoke, wondering how she ended up so amazing when she had this kind of childhood. She paused long enough to catch her breath and look at him. Did she think he would judge her?

"Keep going," he said gently, touching her cheek. "I'm listening. I want to hear, but understand this, nothing will change how I feel about you. I just need to know."

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