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Building of the Kingdom by R.M. Rogers

Self-will, pride, money, jealousy, and an attitude of certainty – it’s my way or the highway – all threaten the Matthews family and those around them. Each individual makes their own choices. And in those quiet choices, the Kingdom is built, or not built, one brick at a time.

Fitting into a family is challenging, and each member of the Matthews clan could say, “I get along great with everyone, until they walk through the door.” It’s that way with most families, whether a church family, our work situation or our homeowners’ association – we often argue over the purpose, the décor of the meeting place, and what to do with those people who aren’t quite up to the standards we want in the family.

Unruly emotions and unsolvable drama spiral out-of-control with the Matthews family. Inviting Jesus in, while a good idea, often brings on another grinding unfruitful theological discussion. And what do private prayers bring? Will it be a way to change those other difficult people, or will the still small voice challenge each individual to look at themselves?

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Christian Women's Fiction