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Broken Hearts -- PDF

  • Darcy knows something is wrong when her sister returns suddenly from America. Kelly reveals the truth, and begs for Darcy's help.
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Release Date:
December 1, 2010
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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A Desert Breeze Publishing Free Read

Darcy's sister returns to Timaru, New Zealand from America. Kelly refuses to say anything about her time overseas and she throws herself into a fast social life. Darcy watches from the sidelines and suspects Kelly's frantic lifestyle is her sister's way of pushing an unpleasant event to the back of her mind.

Christmas arrives and Kelly at last reveals what happened to her overseas. Darcy promise to help leaves her to clear up her sister's problems.


Prequel to Three Hearts by Sue Perkins

Darcy watched her sister fling herself back into the nightlife of Timaru. Kelly caught up with old friends and disappeared each night to the clubs or bars. Darcy couldn't avoid feeling envious of her sister's carefree life. Her own days were spent in front of a computer screen typing legal documents for her employers. Darcy had neither the money nor the energy to latch on to the social whirl of her sister's life. A quiet drink, or going to the beach with friends described her own leisure activities.

December arrived and the whole town contributed to the Christmas rush. Kelly didn't slow down, her life continued along the same hectic route. Their mother's face showed concern every time she looked at her eldest daughter. Darcy hated seeing her mother upset. She decided to have a word with Kelly, see if she could make her take things slower and spend some nights at home. v "Hey Kelly, have you got a moment?"

"Sure, Darcy, make it quick though. I've got to leave soon to meet the gang."

"Kelly, Mum won't say it, but she's worried about you. Can't you spend a few nights a week with us instead of out on the town?"

"You're joking, aren't you? I've missed so much while I've been in America I have to catch up. It's like they say, you're only young once. See ya."

Before Darcy could say anything her sister had dashed out the door.

How strange, Darcy thought. Kelly looked driven to go out and enjoy herself, as if something forced her. I wonder what she got up to in the States?

Their mother did her usual massive amount of preparations for the festive season. Darcy knew they wouldn't eat half of what her mother baked, but elderly neighbors and the local soup kitchen would benefit from the surplus.

Kelly's hectic social life increased. She even went out on Christmas Eve, a traditional family evening for the Farrells.

"Darcy, do you think Kelly's all right?"

"Why do you ask, Mum?"

"She seems almost frantic. As if something's on her mind and she's desperately trying to forget it."

To give herself time to think of an answer without upsetting her mother, Darcy helped herself to a homemade rum truffle and chewed it thoughtfully.

"I think she's trying to be like her friends, Mum. She lived a different life in America and now she's home she wants to try and fit back in so her friends will accept her."

"I hope you're right, Darcy. I would hate her to think she can't come to us for help."

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