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Borealis X: False Salvation -- EPUB

  • Two innocents with secrets that would interest TPP try to survive on Borealis long enough to make it to true freedom. With the help of the Rebellion, they just might make it.
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Release Date:
September 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Debbie Taylor

Product Description

Nami Sato is a destined Chiyo (birth breeder) for a sleep vessel society headed to a secret destination, but she wants more. After a singularity event, Nami chances an escape to the nearest station, Borealis, only to end up in the prison medical ward. Before two unscrupulous guards can sell her into the sex world infecting the lower levels of the station, Commander Raines talks one of his widower officers into taking her in as a nanny.

Young Adrien Natal Ovidio, both disgusted with the vision his father wants for his people and already half in love with Nami through her video journals, escapes in Nami's footsteps. But the vessel residents hold secrets that interest both TPP and the Resistance. Now the commander and lieutenant commander, both secret members of the Resistance, must get them both to safety before TPP gets their grubby hands on them.


Maybe she's gone. Adrien paid for the laundering service and took his uniform. The identification he'd established, with credits, seemed to be holding, but Adrien still held his breath every time he had to pay for something.

He walked away from the window and scanned the merchant area. So many shops, and people, and noise. Unbelievable levels of noise. It was the one thing he'd had trouble adjusting to. Well that, and talking above a whisper so as to be heard and not stand out.

After yesterday's brush with death, he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to hang around. He had to find Nami.

And then what?

He'd gone around and around the question since he arrived. Hell, since he'd left the sleeper vessel. Adrien had to believe the Fates would be kind and show him the way once he found her. The key was finding her.

He'd planned to explore the upper levels on his first day off but had underestimated the extent of the security checks.

Especially after the singularity event. There'd been rumors and whispers about the real truth behind the incident. That, along with his injuries, would tag him as an outsider immediately.

He bought food from a floating vendor and sat at a common eatery section to contemplate his next moves when his next move walked into his field of vision.

Nami stepped out of a nearby shop, hugging a small shopping bag. Her eyes twinkled with excitement. An excitement Adrien had felt himself right after his first purchase on Borealis. Something no one here would understand.

Her beauty intensified with the pure joy of the moment, and Adrien couldn't breathe for several seconds.

The Sato House had been a prized house to win the reproductive lottery with. All the houses wanted to be matched with them, and who could blame them? The white hair with sea-green highlights matched perfectly to the white eyes with sea-green pupils. Their alabaster skin practically glowed and tall, willowy frames gave them a graceful, almost artistic quality.

If it had been her features alone, Adrien doubted he'd have followed her. His father was the leader of the Cooper-Drexler and could ensure him a mate with another Sato House female. No, it was her character and strength that'd exuded from her in waves of almost visible energy. They'd practically rippled out of the video logs and smacked him.

This was not a mere Chiyo, destined to be a breeding form for Agostino's envisioned world. This was a woman who needed to find a full life. He wanted to be part of it.

"Or at least have the chance to be part of it," he finished aloud to himself.

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Product Reviews

  1. Leaves a nice Feeling 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Nov 2013

    I love Borealis and the stories that are set there. If you like Science Fiction Romance but not a lot of sex these stories are for you. This is a sweet story about two people who are trying to get away from their past and do it by escaping to Borealis. They don't come together. Both arrive by different means. Getting them together and getting them off of the station are the main themes in the story. There are two characters from previous stories but this does not add a lot to life on Borealis. Instead it is a nice romance that leaves a very good feeling.

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