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Borealis VII: That Syncing Feeling -- EPUB

  • Escaping Borealis requires Nureen and Creed to trust each other -- even though each believes the other is a liar.

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Release Date:
October 15, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

Product Description

When the fabric of space-time splits, Rover Pilot Nureen is sucked through a vortex to the Borealis universe. Lost and alone, she accepts the hospitality of the TPP to repair her ship.

Five years ago, Creed also came through to the Borealis. He has convinced the TPP he is a harmless scientist, not military. Nureen’s ship is his ticket home -- IF the fascinating stranger isn’t a clever ploy to trick him into handing over military information.

Nureen can’t believe he is Commander Creed -- her grandfather’s best friend, who vanished fifty years ago, and her childhood hero. But this lookalike is her only way back to her ship and through the vortex before it closes.

As time runs out for these unwilling partners, “sticking together” takes on a whole new meaning.


Nureen closed her eyes, even though she couldn't see anything other than the inside of her craft. That was exactly why she needed to close her eyes -- there was nothing, not even darkness beyond the viewport, and all her screens were filled with static. She gulped, feeling her insides trying to rearrange themselves again, and opened her eyes. If she ever let on that she had gotten space-sick, her fellow crewmembers would never let her forget it.

That was assuming she would get out of this alive.

I can either hold our matter together, Tessur responded, or access your memories and units of measure to answer your question. Take your pick.

You don't have to get snippy.

Sorry. I realize this is pretty frightening -- no, actually, you're not frightened. Angry, knocked off balance, confused, but not frightened. You are made of rather sterner stuff than the usual unwilling traveler, aren't you?

Who was--

And here we are! Tessur sounded vastly relieved. If he had been something other than a sweet-smelling fuzzy blanket wrapped around her, Nureen thought he might have been sweating hard enough to drown her. My ship was pulverized by those horrendous hive creatures. It wasn't worth what I paid for it, but it was all I had. If you could make arrangements to drop me at... Oh... my.

"Oh my what?" Nureen rasped, as she skimmed over her console, bringing sensors back online and taking in the readings. Even before the first visual came through her scorched video feeds, she knew it had to be serious if Tessur sounded so disconcerted. It was hard reading someone else's emotions if all she had was a voice in her head and no face -- and no real experience -- to help her interpret.

I've never been in this particular dimension before. Sorry. Tessur slid off her shoulders and melted into something that resembled a neon green puffball with multiple gossamer wings. It floated at her shoulder level, with maybe thirty centimeters between them, and she had the distinct impression that he looked over her console with her, even though he didn't have eyes.

Nureen stared at the image of a massive mechanical construction hanging before her, several thousand kliks away, in high orbit around a devastated-looking planet. She had thousands of images of different worlds in her memory -- a good pilot knew how to make visual identification of the various civilized worlds without having to depend on mechanical memory banks -- and this place was too striking to be easily forgotten. And that meant if she couldn't recall it, then she had never visited this world or seen it in anybody's log records before.

And Tessur hadn't seen it before, either.

I do believe we've discovered a new dimension.

"Ya think?"

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