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Borealis -- A Collection of Sci FI shorts

In orbit over a deserted outpost at the edge of conquered space sits an aging space station under the control of the Trans Planetary Protectorate. The Borealis is slowly falling apart as the Protectorate funnels its massive resources into the border wars and keeping the outlaying systems in line, as insurrections break out. Kal Raines is the former war hero in charge of the space station. He is down on his luck after refusing to massacre a sentient species indigenous to a planet the Protectorate wanted to incorporate into its galactic web; a practice the 'Protectorate' has used more than once to gain a new planet in their quest for galactic power. Exiled to the Borealis, he is one step away from joining the growing rebellion brewing around him.

The Borealis is a hive of villainy where anything can be bought or sold -- anything or anyone if the price is right. Boasting the slogan "The last stop for debauchery before falling off the edge of the universe," the station and its inhabitants do their best to live up to the motto.

The rebellion has many spies on the station, who trade with those willing to traffic with them out of the watchful eye of the TPP.

Each novella tells an encapsulated story, but all lives are interconnected and the ultimate goal is survival.

Novellas in Series: 13+ 

Genre: Science Fiction Romance