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Read For Your Career by Michelle Levigne

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Read For Your Career

Besides learning the mechanics of grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and POV, the best advice I can give you is to READ books about writing. And not just books about writing, but books written by people who have PROVEN they know what they're doing.

Yeah, there are probably a lot of people out there who can offer you gobs of advice on how to write your book, how to come up with your ideas, how to plot, how to develop characters, how to determine POV, how to market, how to create tension ... but if they aren't doing it themselves, and proving they know what they're doing with actual SALES ... if the only books they've written talk about how to write ... it's kind of like hiring someone who never put on sneakers to be your track coach, y'know? Can you really learn to be a painter from someone who never unscrewed a tube of oil paints or picked up a brush, but only sells the supplies at the local craft store?

I recently read a book that should be a primer for those starting out, just to give them an idea of what is involved in the writing life -- discipline, differences in approach and attitude, differences in marketing, in creativity, in just the day-to-day drudgery.

SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL WRITERS, interviews with 50 published, selling authors, conducted and edited by Darrell Pitt. It was an Amazon Kindle book -- and I think it was even free at the time I got it. How can you beat that?

50 writers means 50 different viewpoints and approaches to writing, marketing, craft, art, etc. Read and see how everybody handles their writing, and then use the advice that works for YOU. Never, never, ever let someone tell you that there is only one way to be a writer: their way. Listen to the pros, the ones who are in the trenches and selling and still struggling and learning, think hard, experiment, and apply what works for you.

And let me repeat and re-emphasize -- READ.

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