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My Book Boyfriend is an Oogy Monster

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What is a book boyfriend?

A male character claimed by a reader as his/her own.

It could involve a romantic connection or it could be a protectiveness or any mix of emotions that create a bond. My book boyfriend is an oogy monster named Nex, a vampire-like creature living in a swamp in the Devany Miller series by Jen Ponce. The kicker is – Nex is only a head with bloody entrails attached.

How can Nex be my book boyfriend, you ask?

I ask myself the same question because so many other people have book boyfriends who are firemen or detectives or military commandoes. Even those with monster book boyfriends tend to choose sexy vampires, werewolves, demons or elves. So why had I chosen a decapitated mess? Each time a new addition to the series comes out, I find myself anticipating any appearance of Nex and smile as I read his scenes. It’s not because he’s attractive, he’s not. It’s because he had a huge turnaround in his character development. Nex became a caring, humorous, helpful bouncing head, even with his physical limitations. A brush with death transformed him, and I want to protect him and cheer him onward.

Why do we love our literary monsters but recoil from them in real life?

Would you really date a soulless vampire in the world we know, with friends and family watching? The pages of a book provide a harmless environment to do the exact things we would never be comfortable doing in reality. It’s easy to become lost in a well-built world where you make yourself the romantic interest and feel safe even as you experience the terrifying and exhilarating highs and lows. We are willing to risk the dangers that the characters present, because we know we are in control and anything that befalls us isn’t permanent. Someone who is a jerk in a book can still be desired by us, while in real life we would kick him to the curb.

Who is your book boyfriend?

The nice part is you can have a multitude of book boyfriends and they never get jealous or angry with you. They can satisfy the warrior within you, or the adventurer, or say the things you wish you could say out loud. These characters empower us and give our unfulfilled needs a place to be experienced without consequences.

Dirty Deeds

 I enjoy creating these worlds where people can lose themselves and escape from the real world for a time. The brass ring is writing a character that the reader can’t shake, even when they are no longer reading. If I can make you continue thinking about a character, then I have brought them to life with ink pulsing through their veins.

In my April release of Dirty Deeds with Desert Breeze Publishing, there are three men who could become your next book boyfriend. How about Devin, the lovable best friend with secrets he’s willing to die to keep? Or Cole, the bartender who isn’t what he says and has no idea what his true nature entails. There’s always Onyx, the master of vengeance built like a pile of rocks who has declared war on our leading lady. Any of them could be monsters. Who would you choose to spend your evenings with?

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