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Beyond the Book Cover: John Quinlan

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This week we have the pleasure of the company of John Quinlan of Boston, Massachusetts. John first came know to romance authors on a large scale in 2013 when he attended the RT Convention in Kansas City. He is now infamous as being the most tattooed cover model in the romance novel industry.

Thanks for spending some time with us, John. Just so you know, we're going to skip the "boxers or briefs" kinds of questions in this interview. We'd like to give our readers and customers an idea of who you are "Beyond the Book Cover".

To catch up the readers, Desert Breeze Publishing first came acquainted with you in 2013 when you came to the Romantic Times Convention. The owners -- Jenifer and Gail -- had a great time talking with you and other gentlemen over breakfast. Since Gail is from the Boston area, she has a special spot for you.

You attended RT in 2014 as well in New Orleans, and really seemed to jump feet first into the Man of Romance role.

Now we'd like to get to know a bit more about you, John Quinlan.

Was competing in the Mr. Romance competition your first dive into modeling of this type (covers of books), and if not, what had you done prior to 2013? Can you tell us a little about your decision to pursue a modeling career, when did it start for you? What was your first paying job?

I have been doing modeling for quite some time now. I have taken a few breaks along the way here and there to spend time with my 3 children among other things. I started out modeling fitness related apparel and equipment back in the day and I gradually moved into other genres as a model. You just made me laugh as my first paying job was one day in one of the Boston, Massachusetts gyms and I was payed in supplements and gift certificates. I was a young guy so I was very happy to simply stand in front of the camera for a few minutes after my workout and get free stuff in return. It was nice.

We watch the changes and advancements you've made, but for those reading who aren't your Facebook friend (Don't worry, ladies... link to follow!!), tell us about some of the exciting things going on in your life.

I was just named an official spokesmodel for the Elizabeth Grady Company last week and I have a couple projects on the table as well. I have been cast in a 2015 film by Jillian Bullock set to begin filming in Philadelphia in or around January. I am also waiting to hear back on the details of a fitness model themed reality show I was selected for with filming in either Florida or California later this year or early next year. I am just taking things one day at a time and enjoying the ride.

What are some of your upcoming career plans? What would you like to next accomplish?

I could honestly sit here all day and talk about so many things but s I mentioned a minute ago I am going to see where the things I am working on now take me and go from there. That is a great question, what would I like to accomplish next. To be very honest with you I would love to be a permanent character on a soap opera as a bad guy. Many people say I would be perfect for it and I really think I would enjoy doing that as my ultimate career.

For anyone who follows you on Facebook, they know you are heavily involved in the world of bodybuilding. What initially sparked your interest in intense body building?

Well just to clarify this, I competed in bodybuilding in my early 20's. Like every other kid I began training with weights to become stronger for school sports and I just progressed from there over time. Today I compete as a Physique Competitor. We are similar to bodybuilders with emphasis on fitness & aesthetics. Many models, boxers and MMA athletes compete in Physique.

Going back to the Romantic Times Convention, what was the best part of attending the full convention this year? Was it New Orleans? Or was it some of the things you did, people you saw...?

This is easy, the people. I was taken back by how nice everybody was to me. The author's, my cover model brothers (and sisters) and the entire RT staff was amazing. I would like to personally thank RT Book Reviews Founder, the great Kathryn Falk. At the RT Convention this year in New Orleans she spoke so highly of me. "Thank you so much Kathryn for the kind words you had for me. It is really special when they come from a person as accomplished as you."

**Side note and interjection here: Some of our favorite shots of John are in a suit. Some men wear a suit, some the suit wears them. John wears a suit. :-)

Of all you've done, John, what do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment has been inspiring people and helping others. There is no greater feeling in this world than knowing I am the one responsible for helping a young child overcome a disability or gain that little bit of extra self esteem. I always said if I could help change one child's life I did my job.

We also want to give a nod to John for being a great example to his own children. John told us, when he sent in his interview, the following picture is the best possible representation of the TRUE John Quinlan; John and his little girl.

In closing, we at Desert Breeze Publishing want to thank you for spending some time. Let's end on a fun note. What is your absolute favorite food of all time?

Greek Pizza!

Thank you again, John. 

If you'd like to connect with John through social media, be sure to pop over to his Facebook page. 

John even has his own Wikipedia page!

And finally, John's official Web site.

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