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Blitz -- EPUB

  • Velma and Jack fight her family's disapproval of their love. Jack fights for his country and Velma worries if he will survive the war.
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Release Date:
May 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Velma longs to be treated as an adult, but her older sisters insist on showing the baby of the family they know what is best for her future. Any thoughts of meeting the man of her dreams are thwarted while they consider no man is good enough for her.

Tall, dark and handsome Jack is a soldier distantly connected to Velma's family. He sweeps Velma off her feet and asks her to marry him. Now she must convince her family her future lies with Jack, but will they trust him to take care of her.

War looms on the horizon and Jack must go to face the enemy. Their love now has to survive the family and the war - or will their parting be forever?


For a few moments they carried on in silence. At ease with Jack, Velma could almost believe she'd known him for ever. Above them the silvery twinkle of the stars relieved the blackness of the clear sky."I love watching the heavens." She shivered, not with the cold. Jack misunderstood and his arm moved to her shoulders, pulling her close.

"They're beautiful." Jack stared at her face and she knew he didn't mean the stars. "Almost as beautiful as you."

Velma ducked her head as warmth flooded her cheeks. The contact between them comforted and excited her. Little tingles shot up and down her body leaving a pool of excitement in her stomach. Why did this man affect her so much when she'd only known him a few short hours?

"We're here." Disappointment washed over her as they stopped outside a neat terraced house with a small garden between the house and the road. The walk from Florence's had taken a lot less time than usual.

"Is this where you live?"

"I grew up here with my sister Josie and her husband Tom. They took care of us younger children when Dad died." She opened the gate. "I expect you've heard Mum couldn't cope with so many of us on her own. I'm the only single one now. My next oldest sister got married last year."

Velma heard her voice prattling on and hoped Jack didn't think her silly. The admission of being single slipped out before she could help it. She could have kicked herself. He'd probably think her on the lookout for a husband. She'd love to go out on a date with him. It would be awful if she put him off before they'd had chance to get to know one another better.

Happiness and nervousness surged through her when Jack put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. She waited breathlessly as he gazed deep into her eyes.

Slowly, he lowered his head. His lips brushed lightly against her mouth. Excitement rushed through her body from the touch of his hand stroking the back of her neck. Elation made Velma feel she floated on air. She hadn't thought he could hold her any closer. Jack tightened his arms and the kiss deepened. Lack of breath and over stimulation of her senses made her dizzy. Jack released her and Velma almost stumbled. Pulling slightly back he smiled down at her.

"I'll pick you up here tomorrow afternoon. Sleep well."

She watched him walk down the street until he turned a corner and went out of sight. Velma didn't have to glance in a mirror to know she had a soppy smile on her face. She didn't care. Jack made her feel wonderful.

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Blitz - Medium.m4v (01:02)
20th Century Historical romance. Velma and Jack have their future planned but the threat of war and the opposition of Velma's family provide obstacles that must be overcome before they can think of a life together.
  • Blitz - Medium...
    20th Century Historical romance. Velma and Jack have their fut...

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Product Reviews

  1. Suspenseful World War II Romance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2013

    Perkins pens a suspenseful love story set against the backdrop of World War II with "Blitz." Velma Field comes of age just before the dawn of World War II. When she meets Jack Stanley, her courage and resolve is tested like never before.

    The novel starts in 1938. The Fields live in Plymouth, England a town on the coast. Velma goes to visit her sister, Florence, and discovers Jack, Florence's brother-in-law in the kitchen. For Velma, the attraction to Jack is heartfelt and immediate. Jack also finds himself attracted to Velma. After a whirlwind courtship, the couple declare their love and plan their wedding for September, 1939.

    Fate, however, has other plans. World War II erupts. Jack and Velma have a registry marriage before he is shipped out. Velma tries to maintain her inner strength and moves in with Florence, whose husband also goes off to war. Florence and Velma strengthen their sisterly bond. Florence takes a job working at the post office and Velma joins the Wrens – the Navy's women corps. The war tests everyone's courage, hope, stamina, and endurance. The Germans bomb England continually, blitzing Plymouth. Will Velma's resolve break before she sees Jack again? Will Jack overcome a severe case of Malaria? Can Velma and Jack look the adversities of war in the face to find happiness after it ends? Only time will tell.

    Perkins' writing is sharp, engaging the reader right away with Velma and Jack's first meeting. The writing style is easy to read. The story has a nice flow to it. The descriptions are rich and vivid, allowing the reader to picture the setting in their mind as they read. The dialogue captures a rich authenticity of the times.

    The characterization is wonderful. Jack and Velma will tug on your heartstrings as the strong supporting cast. Florence's fate had me choking up and I realized then just how subtly, yet deeply, Perkins' story had touched me.

    Jack is a noble guy and takes his commitment to the Army seriously. Still, when the Army separates him from Velma, his resolve is tested in way he didn't expect.

    Velma wants to prove she's a strong, capable young woman, not just to her family, but to herself. Her worries are something many can identify with today.

    The story is sensual for romance readers with tender kisses and sizzling caresses. From page one, Blitz will leave the reader wondering if Jack and Velma will find happy ever after. Blitz will put you in the thick of World War II and leave you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

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