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Bite Marks Book Two: Bite The Neck That Loves You -- EPUB

  • Franki thought finding a wayward Vamp would be a piece of cake, only that piece of cake just changed her into a blood sucking fiend. Now, she has to save the world while trying not to fall in love with the guy who just put her on a hemoglobin diet. Too bad easy peasy just flew out the window.
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Release Date:
December 21, 2013
Original Cover Art:
Nik Ranieri

Product Description


Sent on an easy mission to find a lost Vampire, Franki thought she'd spend a few days on the west coast and be back on the front lines in no time.

Too bad Alex Coursiane, the guy she's been hunting, just made her one of the undead.

Instead of getting to stake him through the uprights, she's forced to go on a quest to find something called the Tome of Alabaster with the bloodsucker. On the run with the Fallen's right behind them, they discover the Queen Bee Vampire is trying to find the portal that the Ancients used to cross over into our world. Who cares that it has been closed for eons? She plans to open it and unleash Armageddon.

For Franki and Alex, staying alive is the easy part. Falling in love just might be the thing that saves their souls.


Kicking over a bag of used panties, I tripped and slammed my face into an old vending machine. Don't think I wouldn't be filing a Workers Comp suit over the blood squirting from my dainty little nose. Pulling back from the dusty glass, my eyes widened as I saw a wedge of Twinkies pressed against it. Sweet nirvana! Choices. Choices. I could either make a buttload off eBay by selling them, or say screw it, and have my own personal pig-out session. Tempted to go with the last one, because the new ones tasted like sugar coated rubber, I widened my eyes for a second time. That wasn't my face reflecting back at me. Nope, I didn't just blink. If I had, it meant I'd killed all feeling to my face with that knock. Since I hurt like hell, it could only mean one thing. Someone had locked my Vamp up in a gutted vending machine. Kinky, and funny at the same time. Only the throbbing behind my nose prevented me from laughing at the sight of the Vampire mouthing "help me" through the cream filling smeared across the glass. His fingers digging into the packages were cutting down on my profit, so I thought better of my idea of making goofing faces at him through the glass.

"Give me a second, and I'll get you out of there." I tapped the glass, as I looked around for the latch.

His muffled scream rocked back at me.

"Look, buddy. I'm doing my best here." I paused spotting a latch on the backside of the machine. Somebody had put a nasty looking padlock on it. I twisted back around to the front. "Found it. Put your hands over your ears. This is going to be a little loud."

He banged his head against the glass, while I pulled my Glock back out of hiding. No offense. I knew this guy had had it rough, but losing it wouldn't make me move any quicker. Chambering a round, I aimed and fired. My ears ricocheted with the bombing echoes of the blast. Spitting the taste of gunpowder out of my mouth, I kicked at the lock dangling from the single strand of metal holding it together. It hit the floor with a dull thud, or it could have hit with a loud clank. The shot had pretty much left me deaf.

Not caring how unladylike it made me, I dug a finger in my ear and took a step back. The grating of the door swinging open reached my pounding ears. Well, that finished stage one. Now, we could move on to finding us a ride out of this dump. After I snagged half a dozen Twinkie packages. They were supposed to last forever, I was willing to put the urban myth to the taste test. Turning to accept all the accolades he felt comfortable heaping on me for saving him from a fate worse than death, I let out a gulp as a clawed hand clamped around my neck.

"Wabble damp twittles." Which loosely translated to what damn something something. Lack of oxygen flowing to my brain prevented even me from knowing what I meant to say.

"Je suis désolé, belle, mais j'ai été dans cette affaire-là pendant une longue période." Coursiane's mouth contorted into a fang filled grimace.

Understanding him less than I understood myself, I let out another wabbly wabbly doo, as his mouth raced for my neck. Struggling wasn't even an option. I managed a whimper, when his fangs pierced my flesh. I don't know where those obviously misinformed romance authors got the idea this felt better than sex, because it hurt like effing hell! As starbursts swam in front of my fading eyesight, it didn't take a genius to figure out that somebody owed me big time. Of course, I'd never collect.

Because, the blood sucking sack of crap had just killed me!

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