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Bite Marks Book One: Bite the One You're With -- EPUB

  • Megan Marshall comes from a long line of Slayers, but it will take a Vampire to save her and just maybe steal her heart.
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Release Date:
May 21, 2012
Cover Artist:
Nik Ranieri

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Chefs are not Vampire Slayers!

At least not until an army of bloodsuckers show up in their kitchens. Television chef Megan Marshall might come from a long line of Vampire Slayers, but she gave up that life long ago. Three days before she leaves for New York to shoot her first show for the Culinary Channel, her old life comes crashing down on top of her.

One thing stands between her and certain death, the sexist Vampire alive! Stalking Shadow, a two thousand year old Vampire, must protect her from being drawn into a Vampire war. That's hard to do when the Mother of all Vampires has her marked for death.

Now, Megan must find a way to stay alive long enough to make all dreams come true without falling in love with the last man she should fall for, and the only one that speaks to her heart-- a Vampire.


Rapidly scanning the dailies, I set them to the side to go over the inventory list Taryn had worked up before the evening rush. I managed to look down the first page, when all hell broke loose in the kitchen. The clanging of pans and the sound of dishes slapping the floor brought me to my feet. Rubbing a hole into the migraine blooming in the center of my forehead, I snatched up my phone in case I needed to hit up 911, and threw open the office door.

I would have slammed it shut if what I saw hadn't frozen me in place. A Vampire! A big honking Vampire straight off the cover of a romance novel. Yes, I read them. He stood every bit of six and a half feet tall, every inch of what I could see rippling bronze muscle and stone cold hot. There was an awful lot of it showing, too. A pair of black jeans hugged his hips and molded to his legs, leaving little to the imagination. The jeans were tucked into a pair of buckskin boots that came to his knees. A black leather vest flapped open, revealing a set of abs worthy of the name. I swooned just thinking about popping a quarter off them. He whipped his head around revealing a chiseled face that bespoke a Native American heritage. Long flowing ebony hair danced around his head as my kitchen staff whacked him with ladles and what I could only identify as day old breadsticks. Not very effective in slaying a Vampire, but was amusing as heck to watch. I would have enjoyed the show if I hadn't been afraid one of my people might get hurt. If I'd learned anything from my early education at St. Vlad's it had been to never piss off a Vampire. My kitchen staff was dangerously close to doing just that.

"Stop!" I shouted above the insanity.

Surprisingly, everyone halted in mid-attack. My employees gained a brain and backed away from the hulking undead monster oozing sex all over my kitchen. I wished like crazy for either a stake or a big block of ice. I needed to kill this guy or cool down before I had unsightly sweat stains to deal with. He might be a ghoulish creature of the night, but that didn't mean I wanted him to know I perspired like a nun in a whorehouse. Especially since he had been the only man in my kitchen to even remotely make me go weak in the knees in over -- Well, in forever.

"Megan Marshall?" His husky voice melted me in ways I didn't even want to admit to.

"Yes?" Oh that didn't come out all breathless and needy in the least.

He stuck out a hand. "Come with me if you want to live."

If this had been a cheesy porno, they would have called it the Sexinator. That didn't stop me from shoving my hand in his general direction like the inner skanky slut I was.

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