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Big Love in Little Reno -- An Anthology -- EPUB

  • Reno , Nevada is the Biggest Little City in the World. And it's the perfect place for four couples to find Big Love.
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Available April 1, 2018
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Gwen Phifer

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Big Reunions

The Show Must Go On by Angela Laverghetta

With a kid, a failed marriage, and a job that is barely paying the bills, Brooke Williams wonders if she missed her chance at love and happiness.

Marcus Lake thought he had it all with an impressive cirque career and partner girlfriend, but when forces beyond his control upend his life he is forced to rethink what is truly important.

Then twenty years after high school, old friends Brooke and Marcus unexpectedly meet over a bobcat and some light Facebook stalking. Two false starts later, they embark on a romance so new and fragile it threatens to break when a person from Marcus’s past breezes into town.

Big League 

Second Time's the Charm by Deborah Nolan

When 30-year old Marnie Phillip’s longtime boyfriend jilts her and her teaching job is eliminated, she moves to Reno to work at the University of Nevada. Her first night there, she meets Joe VanAllen, the new baseball coach at the university. He’s coaching because a recent accident kept him from fulfilling his dream of playing for the Chicago Cubs.

Marnie and Joe’s chemistry is palpable and they’re soon a couple. Then Joe gets the call. The Cubs need him to play. Marnie won’t stop him, but she’s sure it’s the end of their relationship even though Joe swears he loves her and promises to return. 

Marnie breaks up with Joe convinced that he’ll choose the glamour of baseball and its ardent female fans over her, but she soon accepts Joe is not so easy to replace.  When he returns to campus at the end of the season, Joe faces the difficult task of convincing Marnie she is more important than the big league.

Big Transitions

Life, Death, and Rebirth by Genevieve Williams

After receiving news about the death of a dear friend, grief weighs heavy on Tara Anselmi’s fragile psyche while her husband, Chance, consoles her and offers to fly them to Reno for the funeral.

Still suffering ill effects from an illness that should have been over by now, Tara finds out what’s really ailing her and realizes her marriage is about to be tested by a transition into their day-to-day lives.


Marcus Lake.

Years ago, Brooke had enjoyed finding her old high school friends on Facebook. She often perused their photos, found joy in their successes, and admittedly lived vicariously through their adventures. Her life had plateaued, some might even say slumped, not long after being handed her diploma: a kid, a failed marriage, and a job that barely paid the bills.

Marcus on the other hand never seemed to stop climbing. Last she’d been aware, he was working in a Las Vegas cirque show; a hand balancing act, with his partner and girlfriend. Her memories of him in high school were sparse. As a gymnast he was rarely around, but she remembered a bespectacled kid who showed off by walking to class on his hands, his oversized gymnastic meet shirts down around his shoulders. 

The man standing before her today had Brooke stunned silent. She’d seen more recent pictures, but they only showed a two-dimensional person without soul, without energy. And the energy rolling off Marcus had Brooke struggling to keep her thoughts in order. Marcus’s dark hair, much longer than she remembered, was pulled back in a hair tie and fell to just between his shoulders. The oversized shirts of the past had been replaced with a snug black tee shirt that framed a defined chest, muscled shoulders, and the sleeves stretched around large biceps. She couldn’t help as her gaze follow his lean athletic form toward his narrow hips and down the length of his tight jeans, before quickly snapping her eyes back up. 

Marcus lifted his errant eyebrow a little higher; Brooke really should have realized who it was earlier.  Heat race across her face, and hoped she hadn’t turned noticeably red. He looked good. Okay, he looked much better than good, he looked like one of those attractive men on the cover of the romance novels her sister was always urging her to read. 

But taken, she reminded herself. Although, there was nothing wrong with appreciating. 

“Marcus, it seems like a lifetime ago,” Brooke finally managed to force out. Her voice only croaked a smidge.

“It really does. How have you been?”

What a loaded question. Her inner voice pointed out how her life had gone compared to Marcus’s extraordinary one. This more than any other reason, kept her mouth shut. Brooke put on her best customer service smile and gave the expected pat answer. “I’m good. How have you been?” 

Before he could answer, the bobcat leaped back up onto the counter. The waiting room dogs restarted barking. The kid, who apparently really didn’t like dogs barking, started crying once more and again the lady in the corner complained. This was getting ridiculous, and an excellent excuse to move onto a different topic.

“Sorry. But do you have an appointment today?” Brooke gave an apologetic smile and gestured to the craziness around them. 

“Oh yes, of course. I spoke with a Dr. Kohlepp. He agreed to see Caradawg. I just moved up from Vegas and I need to establish a new vet.”

Moved. Not visiting. Was there a new cirque show in Reno? That probably meant his girlfriend had moved with him. Brooke wondered what the girlfriend thought about the new city. No matter what was said, Reno was not a little Vegas. Not that she had any business wondering about Marcus’s life, but her own held only stress and frustration, so thinking about an interesting power couple spiced up the monotony a little. Besides, there was nothing wrong with harmless curiosity.

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