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Bellewood by June Foster

Bellewood, Washington, a thriving high tech city, is nestled in the magnificent northwest. Though the characters love God and want to serve Him, they struggle with the obstacles hurled at them along their individual journeys.

In a high-tech profession, a young systems analyst struggles with an addiction to food. The beautiful dental hygienist he loves can't forgive herself for the past. Though a God-fearing youth pastor befriends the overweight man, the pastor is consumed with anger he learned as a child, threatening the loss of his job and the woman he loves. The pastor would love nothing more than to help the pretty beautician find peace, but it seems unlikely as she substitutes shopping for the empty place in her heart. A man finds Christ in prison but can't seem to put his life back together when he's released despite the pastor's help. Life is further complicated when the ex-con discovers the woman he loves aborted her child—and his ten years earlier.

The reader will meet each character again in books two and three as well as new ones. Though each individual character faces a unique challenge, one thread ties them together. They're all bound by a common love for God, finding hope in His power and Word, the Holy Bible. 

Books in series: 3

Genre: Inspirational Romance