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Bellewood Book Two: As We Forgive -- EPUB

  • Controlled by his past, Pastor Tim Garrett must overcome anger or lose his job and the woman he loves.
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Release Date:
September 1, 2012
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description


When Bellewood Fellowship hires Tim Garrett as the new youth pastor, he's still powerless over the uncontrollable anger he learned from his father. If he can't escape the outbursts that hold him captive, he'll lose his job. To further complicate his life, an unlikely church member devises a sinister scheme for his dismissal.

Tim has one last chance at Camp Solid Rock. When he discovers a startling secret from a youthful adversary, can he save the boy's life?

Roxanne Ratner’s father abandoned her as a young girl, and now she doesn’t trust men. They’ll only hurt her. Shopping for designer clothes is a poor substitute for the love she craves. The new Christian fights old habits of holding on to a guy. After she tempts Tim to sin, she must seek his forgiveness.

Can God cool Tim's angry heart and teach Roxanne true beauty lies within?


His heart thudded as his breath came in short spurts. The guy gave Roxanne a hard time -- just like his father had done to his mother.

Once again, a red haze formed in front of him. "Aargh." He pounced on the man and landed a blow on his face. The guy fell backwards to the tile as his glasses skidded across the floor. The drunk struggled to his feet and reached for his spectacles. He leaned toward Tim as if he intended to shove him but stumbled and dropped his arms.

"I'm warning you now, if you ever come anywhere close to this woman, you'll answer to me." Tim snarled at him, his muscles tense.

"Who ya think you are? Da owner dis place?" The guy put his glasses on and lifted one side of his mouth up in a smirk.

"No. I'm Tim Garrett. Roxanne is a good friend of mine. So get out of here." There. The man would know who he was dealing with.

The scrawny drunk scowled at him, brushed past him with his shoulder, and staggered out the door.

"Maybe I should've called the cops." Roxanne clutched her throat. "But something told me you'd still be at church."

"Tell me what happened." His heavy breath slowed a tad.

She rubbed her forehead. "I thought he'd be okay since I cut his hair before." She walked toward her station and collapsed in her chair. "He came in looking for Janie to give him a haircut. When I told him she already left, he started flirting with me. I knew he was drunk." She glanced toward the mirror, brushed a strand of hair back from her face, and lifted her focus to him again.

"Is that when you called me?"

"No, I resisted him for a while but realized he was too strong. I kicked his leg, and he backed off a moment. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Then I called you." She placed her arms around her shoulders as she shook.

The sight of Roxanne trying to comfort herself tore at his heart. He held out his hand to her. She took it and stepped up from the chair. He closed his eyes as he brought her into his embrace. She was so thin, he could almost wrap him arms around her twice. A fire burned in his soul. His desire to protect her overwhelmed him again. But if he didn't turn from her now, he could repeat his past mistakes.

Sorrow gushed over him as he pulled away and gazed into her sweet face. With all the self-control he could muster, he refrained from doing what he wanted -- to kiss her.

The whoosh of the door opening caught Tim's attention. The guy poked his nose back in. "Jush want ya to know, Tim Garrett. Ya gunna hear from me 'agin." Harry made an offensive gesture and turned toward his car, the rain beating down on his head.

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Product Reviews

  1. Reality Christian Fiction! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Feb 2013

    Tim Garrett is youth pastor at Bellewood Fellowship Church. His ultimate personal goal is to become a pastoral counselor. He has a strong faith and close personal relationship with God, but he has issues with anger management that interfere with his personal and professional life. A few teens in Tim's high school youth group will go to any lengths to test his patience. Although Tim leans heavily on God and prays for God's direction in overcoming his irrepressible anger, events evoking his quick temper are affecting his reputation and his position as youth pastor.

    Roxanne Ratner is a beautiful young hairdresser whose flawless appearance is a compulsion. Her urgency to appear impeccable stems from painful events in her past. These tendencies have become her shield, her way to circumvent similar situations that have caused her serious doubts regarding her image and identity. Her misconception has cost her significantly but as a new Christian she has an open heart and a strong faith in God. She volunteers to help with some of the youth activities at Bellewood Fellowship Church, and as she and Tim work together an undeniable attraction forms.

    June Foster is a new author for me, and I had no idea what to expect from her book, "Bellewood Book Two: As We Forgive." What a pleasant surprise to discover that this author has created Christian Reality Fiction containing both romance and personal conflict! Her characters are realistic and believable with human frailties, failings, and displaying the need for God's grace and forgiveness in their lives. Realistic hopes and dreams of personal fulfillment are an important aspect in this story. Overcoming obstacles, temptation and personal struggles are important aspects that are dealt with realistically. Ms. Foster has successfully woven the stories of two young adults struggling with significant painful issues as they look to God for direction and forgiveness. The blending of realitistic events and faith and love of God bring these characters through some consequential misunderstandings. I have not read Book One in this series, but after reading "As We Forgive," I will definitely be reading it as well as Book Three. I found the book to be very successful as a stand alone, however. I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy Christian fiction.

    Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this e-book from the author in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

  2. As We Forgive 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2013

    June Foster
    Desert Breeze Publishing Inc

    Wow, if there was ever a person who needed to catch a break it is Tim Garrett. Recognizing and trying to work through the anger issues he has, it was probably not the best idea for him to be working with teenagers. However one teen seems intent on causing him as much trouble as possible. Johnny is out to make his life miserable, and he is succeeding.
    Enter Roxane Ratner, a young pretty woman in her mid twenties, she has caught the eye of Pastor Tim, but he is very cautious knowing his past issues, and having had a relationship that ended very badly. Roxy, is a new Christian, and she has her own issues, dealing with abandonment by her father during her childhood. Shopping and charging too many things on her charge accounts is her way of compensating, believing if she looks good, if her makeup is perfect and her hair and clothes up to date and stylish, she will be accepted.
    The attraction between the two is very intense, perhaps too intense at times. It is very interesting to see how they handle their attraction, in a Godly manner, but it is also heartbreaking sometimes, you just want to shake them both. LOL.
    This book is true to June's writing style, she doesn't mince around issues. She faces them head on, bringing to light that Christian's are not perfect people fitting into the mold that others would try to place them in. They are humans who each face struggles that everyone else face. They have anger issues, they overspend, they feel abandoned. All issues that many people in the world face everyday. June writes a story showing the downfalls that often take place, however what I love is they keep getting up and trying to do the right thing!! A great story, and familiar friends are in this story too. 197pages $5.99 ebook 5 stars
    This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

  3. A great book about two people with real life problems 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    Well, June, you did it again--you've written another great book about two people with real life problems who find in the Lord the way to redemption and in each other that what they saw as unloveable is loved.

    Youth pastor Tim Garrett has a problem with a quick temper, as does his father. Tim prays repeatedly for God to remove this thorn, especially when the teens in his church seem out to deliberately provoke him. And then this lovely teenager runs into him. He puts her in her place and then finds out she isn't a teenager, she's the volunteer who will help him with a fund raiser.

    Roxanne Ratner is shy of perfect, too; when things get to her, she goes on buying sprees. Her credit card is maxed out. She's a new Christian, and this youth pastor is certainly cute, but in their first meeting, he loses his temper. How can you trust a guy like that?

    One of the youth, Johnny Thompson, seems particularly determined to get Pastor Tim fired; worse, he might succeed.

    Roxanne's boss sells the hair salon where she works, telling her she is no longer needed and she must move out of the apartment above the salon by the end of that day.

    Oh, goodness, how can they get out of their personal hangups, salvage their faith, and step into each others' lives?

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