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Behind the Red Door -- EPUB

  • Secret loss. Secret found. Julia Harper grieves a lost child. Reade Macleod finds a son. Working together they can forge a life without secrets.

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Release Date:
June 21, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


San Francisco 1879

Julia Harper, widowed and penniless, is running the last vestige of her dead husband’s empire, the Harper Hotel.

Gambler Reade Macleod is running from three toughs who think he cheated them in a poker game when he sights the Harper Hotel and heads inside for cover.

Julia doesn’t trust men after the drunk she married on her papa’s advice, but Reade holds a paper giving him forty-nine percent of the hotel, which he won from her husband so she must deal with him.

The last straw for Julia is Reade’s desire to build a casino behind The Red Door. Can she give up what is left of her status for a successful hotel and maybe a successful marriage?


Reade picked up a rock from the garden of the house beside the alley and heaved it down the sidewalk in the opposite direction of the hotel. It bounced along the pavement making a racket he hoped would distract the men behind him into thinking he ran that route.

Keeping close to the front of the houses and out of the glow of the gaslights, he ran across the narrow front yards toward the hotel, hoping like hell there would be no guard dogs along his path.

He was almost to the hotel with his wish intact when a low growl alerted him to danger on his right.

With no time to consider, he sprinted toward the hotel. A rustle in the bushes and a snarl announced the beast’s approach.

The beast latched on to his pant leg and sank its teeth into his flesh.

“Damn.” A sharp pain pierced his right calf. His pants ripped and he left part of his clothing with the animal as he ran up the steps, wanting to curse each time his right foot hit the ground and pain streaked up his leg. Once inside the hotel, he paused for an instant and gasped a breath of relief. His heart pounded and his leg hurt like hell.

A beautiful blonde stood behind the desk, old man Harper’s widow no doubt. He appreciated her lush figure for an instant then turned his attention to the large man who clasped her shoulders and leaned toward her, his bald pate shining under the chandelier.

“Hey, sweetheart, give me some of your sweetness,” the man crooned.

From the disgusted grimace on her face, Reade deduced the attentions weren't welcome. He banged the door behind him and the man jerked away from the woman.

With his leg dripping blood on the carpet, Reade took a step on his good left leg toward the man to rescue the damsel in distress.

“Go away.” The man grabbed one of her arms. “This gal is mine.”

Before Reade could reach him, the woman pulled a pistol from under the desk and leveled it at the man.

“Out.” She held the gun like a woman who knew how to use it.

The man backed away, babbling about how he had meant no harm.

The gun didn't waver.

Reade opened the door for the man to exit the hotel.

Still babbling, the man backed outside.

Reade started to close the door.

“You, too.” Her voice was low and deadly.

He turned to find the pistol pointed at his midsection and a glare in her eyes that said she was itching to use it.

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