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Bayou Bounty Hunters by Melanie Atkins

Bayou Bounty Hunters, Inc., is a fugitive retrieval/private investigation agency based in Magnolia Ridge, Mississippi that is owned by identical twins Riley and Ryder Magee. Both are ex-special forces, and Ryder also once carried a badge Biloxi PD. Their new career takes brains, brawn, concealed carry permits, a good knowledge of the law, and strong investigative skills.

After a shaky start, BBH is beginning to grow, forcing Ryder and Riley to add contract investigators and fugitive retrieval agents. All new hires are either ex-miliatry, ex-cops, or both, and all must have spotless service records, good credit, and a type A personality. Other requirements are honesty, integrity, and rugged determination. No wimps need apply.

BBH accepts cases of all kinds, from running down fugitives and investigating cheating spouses to performing background checks and solving parental kidnappings. No job is too big or too small for this hard-nosed investigative agency -- not even falling in love. For one by one, these untamed alpha men and women meet their match in like-minded souls hungry for adventure.

Books in series: 3+

Genre: Romantic suspense