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Baker Street Legacy by Gail R. Delaney

Since the end of the 19th Century, the legend of Sherlock Holmes was assumed to be a completely fictional character created in the mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle... but he wasn't fictional at all. He was a brilliant man with a mind beyond all his contemporaries. A man who created a legacy. A man who created enemies, and a bloodline feud that would continue well into the 21st Century.

Grayson Holmes grew up in the shadow of Sherlock Holmes, Grayson's great grandfather. Perhaps more than any generation before him, Grayson empathizes with the sometimes-chaotic puzzles swirling in his ancestor's mind because Grayson is the same. He seems the gossamer threads no one else sees, and he puts together the puzzles no one else understands. MI6 recruited him when they saw his potential, and now his brilliant mind is used in Her Majesty's Secret Service.

But his mind has kept his heart at arm's length from anyone except for those closest to him: his family. Some might share elements of the man, but none know the man.

Kipling Branson's world is very different. Born and raised in Boston, she was reared with an intense love and respect for literature, a love she is turning into a doctorate degree. Until the moment a bomb in her literature lecture killed half a dozen of her classmates, left her bruised and emotionally battered, she never could have imagined such a twist to her life.

The generational progeny of a genius living in the covert world of espionage, and an American literature student open to life's possibilities. Lives hang in the balance -- including their own -- but the greatest question remains.

Can Grayson risk letting this woman know, see, and dare he say love the man he's sequestered for so long?

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Romantic Suspense