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An Unsuitable Husband -- EPUB

  • Sylvia Bishop must abandon her society status to wed George Friedman, who leads a double life as a professor of German and an acrobatic entertainer.

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Release Date:
November 11, 2015
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

1876, San Francisco

Sylvia Bishop, proper young, well not so young, socialite needs a husband. Her father’s selection is handsome and rich but also too old, too dull and worst all too managing.

Her German and writing professor George Friedman, impresses her with his physique, even shrouded in an old tweed suit, his concern for his students and most of all his encouragement to write what’s in her heart.

When her father sees George in red tights putting on his acrobatic performance, Mr. Bishop tightens the reins on Sylvia and pushes for an early marriage to the man of his choice.

Can Sylvia take a big step away from the life she’s known to spend her life with the man she has come to love? Can she convince her father that George is not An Unsuitable Husband?


"Glad you came," Adam said. "Celestine went to bed early, hope you don't mind."

"Of course not," Sylvia said and George murmured his agreement.

"Where are you staying tonight?" Adam asked George. "The ferries don't run this late."

He put on his coat and picked up his top hat. I can't let Miss Bishop know I've no money for a hotel. "I'll manage."

"You're welcome to stay here if you can fit on the day bed in the study."

George heard the soft gasp of Miss Bishop.

She doesn't want me under the same roof with her.

He picked up his top hat. "That's kind of you, but I had better not."

"Of course you should," Miss Bishop said. "I didn't think about how late it would be when I urged Celestine to invite you to the party." She put her hand over her mouth.

George's heart swelled. She had been behind his invitation.

He hung his hat back on the coat tree and added his coat. "Thank you for the invitation to spend the night here," he said to Adam.

"You're welcome. I'll just head on upstairs."

Miss Bishop hovered at the foot of the staircase.

George stepped closer. "Thank you for engineering my invitation to the party. I've enjoyed this evening more than any since I came to America." He gazed down at her pale skin and full red lips, her dark hair shone in the light from the lamp over the staircase. He never knew whether she moved first or he did, but he was in no doubt they were both engaged in the kiss by the time their lips met.

Miss Bishop's lips were soft and tasted of strawberries. The kiss went on as long as he had breath. His lungs hurt, his heart pounded. When he lifted his head he gasped for air and her bosom heaved.

"Thank you," he said then turned and went to the study before he could succumb to another delicious kiss.




Sylvia watched George go down the hall until he closed the door behind him. Weak kneed from the kiss, she leaned against the wall reliving the moment his lips has touched hers. She licked her lips, tasting strawberries and Mr. Friedman.

Adam came down the stairs. "I forgot to lock up." He grinned at her as she languidly rose from her position against it. "Looks as if you had a good time tonight."

There was no point in trying to fool Adam. She would be telling Celestine all the details and her friend would tell her husband.

"I did. I think Mr. Friedman did, too."

"Oh, he did."

"Did he say anything to you?"

"He didn't have to. I could tell he was besotted with you." 

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