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Amor Immorati Book Two: Immortally Damned -- EPUB

  • Damned by love, the half-vampire Caern must reclaim his forgotten humanity to save the granddaughter he never knew--and if he's lucky, rediscover his heart.
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Release Date:
December 11, 2012
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Caern is a half-vampire with a death sentence on his head. When the woman whose love damned him for all eternity sends a message that the granddaughter he never knew he had is in danger, he is willing to risk anything to save her. Even returning to New Orleans knowing it could be the last thing he ever does.

Eliza Marrone is hot on the heels of a serial killer. One more murder could mean more than another victim. It could mean her job.

Thrown together, Caern and Eliza must unravel the mystery that connects his granddaughter to the murders before Caern's past gets them killed. New Orleans' supernatural underbelly exploding around them, they discover more than they were looking for--love.

With all their lives hanging in the balance, can love help Caern rediscover the humanity he has denied in time to save everything he holds dear?


Until last night she'd joked about something supernatural being behind the killings. This was New Orleans and blaming the boogeyman always got a laugh. After meeting Dupres face to face, Eliza knew the boogeyman existed. After sitting in his parlor for half an hour there was no denying it. Her gut told her even if she found the killer, she'd never be able to bring him, or it, to justice. It pissed her off. She'd liked her nice tidy view of the world. Thanks to Dupres, it was shot to hell and back. If something like him roamed the earth, what else did? More importantly, did she even want to find out? Bad thing was, she had to. If she didn't, more people would die. That was something she couldn't have on her conscience, even if it meant dealing with a handsome devil like Caern with-no-last-name.

"You don't have to answer. I can see it written all over your face." His hand shot out so fast she didn't even see it and snatched away her gun. "I think considering the circumstances, I'll hold on to this until we finish this conversation."

"What are you?" she stammered, hating herself for showing weakness to him.

"Before I answer, are we at the point you can trust me?" He slipped the gun into the waist of his pants.

"No, but I don't trust anything right now." Even herself.

"I understand, but Dupres isn't the only fugly out there. He's just the most visible." He reached out to steady her. Which was great, because she hadn't realized she had been about to fall on her butt until he had. "Come on let's sit down. Confession always takes it out of me." He guided her to the nearest pew and eased her into it. "You good now?"

Eliza nodded, not sure if she was.

"That's okay, you can lie to me." Smiling, he swept a floppy bit of hair out of her face. "This is a lot to process, but we don't have a lot of time to let you deal with it. I wasn't lying. I want to stop this killer as badly as you do. If you can handle me going over this crime scene, I'd like to start doing just that. I promise I won't compromise the scene or your investigation. There are just things that I can do that all your modern technology would never uncover."

He rose to go, but she pulled him back to her eye level. "Not so fast. You haven't answered my question. What are you?"

His mouth slashed into a thin line. "It would take too long to answer. I promise to tell you whatever you want once we get this out of the way. You know as well as I do your captain isn't going to hang around outside for much longer. What I need to do needs to be done without people looking over my shoulder. Can you go along with that long enough for me to discover if there is anything I can learn?"

"Okay." She bit her lip. "Until I get those answers, consider us chained at the hip."

He winked. "Feel free to handcuff us together if that makes you feel better."

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Product Reviews

  1. ... a story with something for everone... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2013

    "In the second book of the Amor Immorati series, author J. Morgan takes a man with secrets of his own and tosses him in the middle of a murder investigation. J. Morgan keeps the action flowing from the beginning of the book until the last page, adding generous amounts of humor that will have the reader laughing out loud. Eliza and Caern dance around each other, afraid to admit their attraction to each other. Add into the mix a fairy warrior, a were-bear, vampire monks and zombies and you have a story with something for everyone. I cannot wait to find out what the author has planned for the next book in this series."

    ~ Candy, SingleTitles.com

  2. Mr. Morgan weaves together several threads to create the tapestry of this story 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2013

    Mr. Morgan weaves together several threads to create the tapestry of this story, from Caern and Katyarina’s shared past, Dupres’ vendetta against Caern, and the unsolved murders creating chaos in the city. The dialog is sharp, witty and has a dark edge of sarcasm to it. The action is fast and decisive, and the danger is ever present once the trio reaches New Orleans. And just when things seem their darkest, J Morgan tosses in some of his familiar pop culture references to break up the tension, and ease through the tight spots. I got to learn more about Caern, and I really liked learning a bit more about the massive Raiz, the Russian were bear who has a code of honor all his own. This is not a story for the faint of heart, but id you are looking for a hard won happy ever after with some tears and laughs thrown in, this one is just the ticket. I hope Mr. Morgan has more where this one came from.

    ~ Foxglove, Long and Short Reviews

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