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Amor Immorati Book One: Immortally Yours -- EPUB

  • Immortality comes with a price, your soul. After meeting Belle Gardner, Chase Michaels must decide if immortality is worth sacrificing his heart.
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Release Date:
September 1, 2010
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

Product Description


Three thousand years ago Chase Michaels followed an order from his commander, Alexander the Great, and innocent people died. Cursed to endure immortality tethered to the ghosts of the slain innocents, Chase, now a private detective, longs only for an end to his existence.

He's heard of love at first sight, but never love at first gunshot, which is exactly what happens when the woman he's been hired to find pumps three shots into his chest.

Belle Gardner is a modern woman with modern ideas and an independent streak a mile wide. She also happens to be a fairy princess destined to marry a prince and unite her people -- if her asshat of a stepfather doesn't catch her first.

Finding true love with Belle could end Chase's curse but, to give her the future she deserves, he must risk losing the one thing he's never thought he had -- his heart.


Scanning the gloom, Belle caught a flash of golden flesh hidden among the green darkness ahead. It was Chase! She knew it without a doubt. Her calves screamed and her thighs burned as she pushed legs beyond their limits. Belle shoved the pain away. She could deal with the Charlie Horse later, right now, getting to Chase was the only thing that mattered.

Reaching him, the sight awaiting her broke her heart into a thousand pieces. Chase sat slumped against a tree, his arms wrapped around his legs. Belle fell down to the ground in front of him, tears racing down her face. Hiding behind the matted shaggy mane of his long hair, Chase's face appeared ghostlike and wane. Her fingers trembled as she brushed it away. Behind the curtain of hair, a look of such serenity greeted her. Running her fingers over his closed eyes, reality came crashing down around her.

Sobs welled in her throat. Dammit to hell, they were too late. He was dead. Tears flowed down her cheeks, as she gazed into his face. Despite her earlier thoughts, he had been her knight in shining armor. Now, he was gone. She bowed her head unable to look at him anymore. The pain of seeing him like this made it all too real.

"Belle, I can't look that bad," Chase coughed. "Now, if you want to see bad, turn around. Caern's sorry mug is something worth crying over."

"Chase!" Belle's head popped up. "You're not dead."

"And you're real this time." He smiled into her face.

"What?" He was delirious. They hadn't gotten here a moment too soon.

"Nothing, it doesn't matter." Chase winced, as a smile cracked his face. "You're here now."

Belle scrambled to catch him as he collapsed into her arms. "Chase!"

Caern rushed over and helped her lay him on the ground. Raiz reached over her, gently placing his jacket over Chase's body. Belle straightened it above him, until only Chase's head poked out from under the massive fur coat. She ran her hand down his blood crusted cheek. His skin so cold to the touch, her hand flinched back involuntarily. Death crept through his body. Her tears fell onto his face, tiny tornados of steam to rise from the frozen flesh. She leaned forward, praying for some sign he was still with them.

"Wake up. You can't die on me now," she whispered, her breath bringing a patch of pink onto his face.

"I held on for you. I'm not about to die now." Chase's eyes fluttered open. "They promised to help me to stick around."

"Who did?"

"Ghosts from the past." A series of coughs wracked his body. "But I guess I'm having the last laugh on those witches. I'm dying after all."

"No you're not. I won't let you," Belle cried.


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Product Reviews

  1. 4 Stars 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Feb 2017

    I did enjoy this book by J. Morgan. I like to read Fantasy, and the Paranormal. This has all that and more. You will definitely see all the great characters introduced here in this story: A ghost. A half human/half vampire. A were wolf. And the Faie folk (or fairy). Both light and the dark realms.

    You get to know Chase Michael's (our Hero) and Belle Gardener (the Heroine), in the first few pages, and the dynamics begin between the two. You will get drawn in the story from than on. Chase was hired to do a job from a man that you will start to see is more than he seems. Belle is determined to stay a step ahead of the forces that dog her step. With these two, the attraction is there right from the start, but fought against due to circumstances. Their stories come to light as the story unfolds. Both are intriguing, and fascinating to read about.

    The other characters are also a big part of this book. Not just used or seen as secondary bits here and there. They are a big part in the development of the story.

    There is a lot of action and drama here, and you will get that throughout the whole book. Even to the end. The romance builds between Chase and Belle as you read, and comes to a fruition at one point in the book.

    My negative would be the language factor. Can understand some use of vulgarity in books today, but didn't like the over use of F words that came up too often here.

    Over all though, a good book to read.

  2. Urban Fantasy at its best! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2013

    Morgan pens an engaging urban fantasy romance with "Immortally Yours," blending fantasy and urban grit effortlessly. Morgan's hero, immortal Chase Michaels, has his hands full when he meets the Heir of Summer, Belle Gardner. It's love at first gunshot. Belle shoots Chase in the chest. It's a good thing he's immortal, because he's got his hands full with the feisty heir.

    The novel opens with a bang and a surprise as Belle discovers Chase isn't really dead and he's attractive as sin. Chase learns Belle is running for her life from her step-father, the Knight of Spring, who wants to use Belle for his nefarious plan to take over the world.

    Chase decides to help Belle and his friends, Caeryn and Raiz, tag along for the ride. However, the Queen of the Winter Court, Kylanndria, has other plans. She puts a sliver of winter into Chase, almost killing him. Belle risks everything to take him into the lands so the witchling can heal him.

    Once Chase is better, both him and Belle realize there's a bigger threat to the world. Belle's step-father is in league with a Nespharillium, who want to take over the world. All of the lands are going to have to band together, but will the battle to end all battles ruin the happiness that Chase and Belle so desperately desire?

    Morgan's plot is crisp, moving at a fast clip. His world is wildly creative, full of your favorite character including a ghost, a wolf, and Dhampire. (half human-half vampire creature.)

    Morgan's dialogue adds to the authenticity of the story, bringing the urban and fantasy together.

    The characters shine in this story. Not only is there a great supporting cast, but Chase and Belle are complex and dynamic. Chase was made immortal after killing a temple full of female warriors. As part of his sentence, Chase hears the female guardian and her warriors in his head. They annoy the hell out of him, but he reluctantly follows their advice. Belle brings out the best in him. He's loyal, courageous, and full of colorful commentary.

    Belle must embrace her destiny as the Heir of Summer, but has a challenging road in front of her. Trust doesn't come easy since her step-father put her mother in a mental home. Belle has got to trust her heart – and her love – for Chase.

    The love scene is tasteful and full of rich emotion. "Immortally Yours" is an action packed adventure filled urban fantasy that grabs the reader on page one.

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