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Aloha, My Love -- EPUB

  • Love is more than an illusion borne on trade winds when Hawaii beckons an estranged couple back into friendship.

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Release Date:
December 1, 2010
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

Product Description


Adam Whitford, smarting from a relationship that didn't work out, figures he's ready to move forward.

On a winter singles' trip to Hawaii, he decides to see if his best friend, Delaine Bishop, is interested in being more than friends. He figures blue skies, trade winds, friendly seas and some romancing might thaw Delaine's frozen responses and bring her back.

But she has other ideas and can’t see her way clear to get with his program. It takes a near disaster to change her mind about his intentions. Now all he has to do is get her past "just friends."


Later on, talk turned to computer systems and Adam's own business. Kee-Yung planned to build his own PC, so they discussed that. As the flight stretched out, Kee-Yung opened a novel. Adam closed his eyes to doze off.

"So what gives?" He had trouble hearing Pam's quiet voice. If he breathed soundlessly, he could catch her words to Delaine sitting alongside. "Why did you change your mind?"

"I didn't change it. Not quite." Del's voice sounded too quiet. "Then a Mack truck crashed in and changed it back for me." He grinned in secret amusement at the simile. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been accused of lacking subtlety. "Oh, I did want to go, still do. I need a vacation, I've been going at the job too hard. It's just -- the wrong timing really."

"Because of--" Pam dropped her voice further so he couldn't make out the rest. He squirmed in frustration.

"Yeah." Delaine's voice flattened on an unusual note, almost sorrow. No, that couldn't be. Basically Del was a light-hearted type, now like always. Right? Sorrow didn't suit her voice. "Mostly that, I suppose."

"You said you're over it."

"I am."


"But not quite."

He disciplined himself to close his ears and listen no more, but he couldn't help speculating. Some guy, no doubt. He knew she hadn't been seeing anyone when he'd left for Jacksonville. Who had she dated since?

Plainly it hadn't worked out, and she'd been hurt. Just getting past it. Grief flattened her voice, stupid grief for some klutz who'd breezed into her life and then just as easily out of it. Heartily Adam wished the unknown man engine failure at five-thirty on the Kennedy expressway.

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