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Agarthi Conspiracy by M.E. Brines

Are the events of History the random actions of the mundane millions, or are they the purposeful striving of diabolical entities seeking to dominate Mankind from beyond the veil?

Stuart Mackenzie is an ordinary man, a reluctant witness to the secret machinations "behind the curtain" of reality. Forced by Fate to become the solitary champion of the human race against the Forces of Darkness, Stuart faces threats of a supernatural Nazi victory, an atomic catastrophe, and the machinations of the secret extraterrestrial puppet masters of the Military-Industrial Complex, who use the Cold War as a convenient excuse to consolidate all power into their hands.

Beginning with The Fist of God, discover the chances the mundane weapons of the Allied powers have against ancient magic and an artifact said to have slain the very Son of God. Can a confirmed skeptic defeat a coven of Nazi sorcerers on their home ground? Did the outcome of the Second World War depend on possession of an occult artifact dating back to the crucifixion? Can a man save the world and still find love and a normal home and family?

What's the truth behind the Roswell Incident? Who really killed JFK? Was the Watergate Conspiracy really just a simple burglary? Why, after threatening world peace for decades did the Soviet Union collapse over a weekend like a pricked balloon?

The Agarthi Conspiracy reveals the exciting supernatural story behind the mundane headlines of history.

Books in series: 7

Genre: Historical Paranorma.