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Agarthi Conspiracy Book Seven: The End of the Quest -- EPUB

  • Cassie's stepmother is dying but her ex-CIA agent father is off searching for the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Can she find him before it's too late?
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Gwen Phifer

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Cassie's stepmother is dying and wants to see her husband Stuart Mackenzie one last time before she goes, but the retired ex-CIA agent is off searching for the Lost Ark of the Covenant. All part of his decade-long obsession with the Agarthi.

Finding his notes, Cassie sets out to track him down before it's too late. Her quest takes her to Israel, a monastery in Jordan, the British Museum, and finally to war-torn Ethiopia where their actions trigger events leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

Will the Agarthi spirit lords finally be defeated? And will they make it home before it's too late to say goodbye?


My father grinned. “You remember what I told you? That the Agarthi sought to conquer and destroy the human race and to that end built up the Nazis and launched World War Two? That upon failing that venture, they infiltrated the CIA through the multitude of Nazi intelligence agents and scientists the US recruited at the end of that war, and used that as a base to corrupt the State Department and the Pentagon.”

He turned to Negash, explaining, “They use the Cold War as an excuse to maximize their control of the American population and to justify their propaganda and wars of aggression, until such time as they can defeat the Soviets and establish a one-world totalitarian state under the rule of the Antichrist.”

Negash just gaped at the two of us, his mouth open like a stranded fish. He probably figured he was stuck on a twelve-foot boat with two nut-jobs, each of which had an automatic weapon.

“Yes,” I said. “I know. I know. I've seen the evidence. I know what you've said all these years. I just don't understand why — ”

My father held up his free hand. “I'm getting to that. When Nixon fell, I figured the spirits couldn't win. He was their hand-picked dictator. But the American People rejected him, brought his administration down in ruins. Then Reagan got elected. I figured that was the end for them. We'd been working to get a good man in the White House since the Agarthi had Kennedy killed. I figured we'd won.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I remember. You retired. Shut everything down.”

He shook his head. “Worst mistake of my life, and I've made a lot of 'em. When that crazy kid Hinckley shot Reagan, I figured it was Dealey Plaza all over again.” At Negash's blank look he explained, “That was where President Kennedy got shot back in '63. Reagan survived, but it didn't matter. He didn't change anything. His advisers are the same guys that were behind the Nixon administration. Here it is five years later and the Cold War is hotter than it's ever been….

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