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Agarthi Conspiracy Book One: The Fist of God -- EPUB

  • What if the Second World War wasn't just the largest war in history, but a supernatural struggle between spiritual entities?
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Release Date:
January 21, 2015
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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What if the Second World War wasn't just the largest war in history, but a supernatural struggle between spiritual entities?

It’s 1940 and the fires of war have set Europe ablaze, but America remains blissfully neutral. To please his parents, skeptical Stuart Mackenzie studies to become a minister. He has about as much concern for the outcome of the war as he does for South American sports scores. But his idealistic brother, a former bootlegger with ties to the Purple Gang, volunteers for the Royal Air Force. And when his Hurricane is shot down, Stuart abandons his studies to seek bloodthirsty revenge.

But what he discovers unravels his worldview. Can a confirmed skeptic defeat a coven of Nazi sorcerers on their home ground? What chance will the mundane weapons of the Allied powers have against ancient magic and an artifact said to have slain the very Son of God?


Our frantic efforts to free our comrade dumped the contents of the crate onto the loading dock. Nestled inside a large quantity of protective wood shavings lay a life-sized bronze statue of a naked woman.

She wore a necklace of human skulls and several severed hands dangled from her belt. With six arms and a Hindu headdress, her identity was unmistakable: the goddess Kali. Once, long ago, in what seemed now like another life, I took a seminary course in comparative religions and learned Kali's identity as the Hindu goddess of death. But what was a statue of her doing in a place like this? I mean, I knew there was death here, a lot of it. It surrounded us all day long. But why would Nazis bother with something more appropriate to a heathen temple somewhere?

But then the plans I overheard in Heinrich Himmler's castle began to make sense. They were actually going to go through with them. This was just the first step. The lunatic scheme of a deranged crackpot would sacrifice millions, maybe tens of millions, and if Himmler carried his insane plan through to completion, the Allies would certainly lose the war. Backed by the magical power of the forces summoned by his evil enchantment, the armies of Nazism would sweep across the globe defeating all opposition and begin a new Dark Age, prolonged and made more horrific by an incestuous alliance between modern science and an ancient evil.

The mundane armies of the West could only hope to counter Nazi occult powers with spiritual powers of their own.

During my interrogation, Himmler taunted me, bragging about a talisman of power that would seal our doom. Yet, in the right hands, it could turn the tide. The future survival of the West, and maybe of civilization itself, depended on me relaying that information back to Britain. They had to know about the only weapon with the power to balance the enemy's hellish enchantment. They might not believe me, but that information represented the only hope for the Free World. I had to escape. Now, more than just my own life lay at stake....

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