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After September -- EPUB

  • A recently divorced woman turns away from God and meets a man who helps her find love and faith once again.
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Release Date:
September 11, 2016
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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From the outside, Rose Davis had the perfect life: a long marriage to a successful politician, two grown children away at college, and respect within her community. When she suddenly finds herself divorced, she turns her back on God.

In an effort to reclaim her life and pride, she spends the summer in the Caribbean. Her plan does not include meeting Patrick, the charismatic local doctor with a tragic past who ignites a passion both unexpected and thrilling.

As she begins to open up to love, doubt and fear creep in. Once again she finds herself broken hearted, left on her own to pick up the pieces. It’s only when she experiences the unmistakable love and grace from the very One she turned away from that Rose realizes what she needed most was there waiting for her all along. 


Rose Davis pushed her grocery cart toward the candy aisle and rolled her eyes. Boxes of chocolate and stuffed animals were on display in the shape of a heart. A celebration for Valentine's Day mocked her singleness.

Turning down the aisle, she froze. At the other end stood the man she once vowed to God she would spend eternity with. Heart beating in double time, she stared at Craig. He held Sharon's hand, his new bride and supposed soul mate half his age. List forgotten, her stomach turned to knots. Unable to turn away, she stood transfixed and continued to watch the striking couple. He handed a foil wrapped chocolate flower to Sharon, who laughed in delight before kissing him soundly on the lips. Rose couldn't help but notice her ex-husband looked more carefree than she'd seen in too many years to count.

The irony she would see the newlyweds for the first time on Valentine's Day did not escape her mind. The realization had her gripping the cart handle, knuckles white. Although Portland was a large city, she knew their paths were bound to cross at some point. She never expected it to be on a stupid holiday designed for lovers.

Anger soon replaced her shock. It took all her willpower not to march up to him and wipe the goofy grin off his face. Maybe it would alleviate the vice wrapped tight around her chest, but a lifetime of manners instilled by her patrician mother required she maintain a level of decorum. Instead, she turned the cart around and in the process knocked over the display of chocolates.

Mortified, she stopped dead in her tracks as Craig and Sharon looked toward the commotion. Other shoppers stopped to stare while a clerk rushed over to make sure she was all right. Cheeks flaming, she brushed his hand away, assuring him she wasn't hurt.

At least not physically.

Emotionally, she was humiliated. She wanted to crawl under a rock when recognition registered in Craig's eyes and he made his way over, Sharon in tow. Too late for an escape, she straightened her spine and braced for the inevitable.

"Rosie? Are you okay?" His clear blue eyes bore into hers.

Her jaw clenched. He lost the right to use a nickname or be concerned about her welfare the moment he left. "I'm fine," she replied. "I hear congratulations are in order." She tried to keep her tone even.

Sharon grabbed his arm and squealed, the huge diamond on her finger twinkling like a star in the night. "Our first Valentine's as a married couple. Isn't it wonderful?"


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