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About DBP

Owner and Editor-In-Chief: Gail R. Delaney

Owner and Marketing Director: Jenifer Ranieri

Chief Financial Officer: Patrick Delaney

Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. was conceived, developed and launched to provide a place for readers and authors to go where they can find non-erotica/non-erotic romance novels without having to search through the plethora of erotica currently offered. Since our inception, DBP has expanded to also offer women's fiction and an array of young adult and new adult fiction.

No one can deny that there has been a massive surge in the erotica market in the last few years, and more and more publishers offer this genre. And while many publishers offer 'all' genres from inspirational to erotic, for those readers seeking non-erotic manuscripts, the hunt can be difficult. We want to make it easy.

The initial idea to open Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. was hatched late one night in November of 2006. We were discussing the market -- both in electronic and traditional publishing -- and how we found it more difficult to find books that could be qualified as non-erotica or non-erotic romance.

At some point in the discussion, Gail said, "We should open our own publishing house".

Ta da!

We wanted to create a company that would do more than just offer exceptional fiction novels. We want to be more than that. We want to be the publisher of choice for both readers and writers. We want to offer more. We want to anticipate the needs of our readers, and meet them. We want to exceed your expectations. And if we haven't, we want to know.

We want to be the home of choice for our authors -- not just because we publish in their chosen genre. We are partners with our authors: Our success is their success, and their success ours. We will be available. We will not be just a faceless, voiceless entity know as your 'publisher'. We will actually talk to you and about what you want for a cover, we won't just hand over art work and give you no say. We will provide banners and icons to use when you do promotions.

In short... we will do more.