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A World Apart -- EPUB

  • A brief encounter with a young man from a world of wealth and privilege, sends Gayle Gentry’s world on a collision course with disaster.
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Other Details

Release Date:
September 21, 2014
Cover Artist:
Taria Reed
Photography Credit::
Taria Reed Studios
Female Model:
Sarah Gordon
Male Model:
Louis Bottone

Product Description


Gayle Gentry is a hairdresser who works hard to support herself and her two teenage children.

When handsome young Alexander Ellison offers her a hefty fee to come to his ranch and ‘do’ his mother’s hair, she jumps at the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars.

Her immediate attraction to the arrogant, complex, and reserved Alexander is more than she bargained for, and could also earn for her a broken heart.


Alexander Ellison was a man who was always in control. Early in life he’d learned that to show emotions was to show weakness, and weakness left one vulnerable and at risk. Gayle walked toward him. He couldn’t keep the catch from his voice. "Call me Alex and thank you for coming." He extended one hand. "Let me have your bag." As he reached for the handle, their fingers touched. It was like colliding with an exposed electric wire.
With less than his usual grace, Alex put the bag on the back seat and came around the car with the intent of helping Gayle into the automobile. She had settled inside and was fastening her seat belt by the time he arrived. She smiled up at him. "Thanks anyway, but I’m used to doing things for myself."

Her frank admission put him at ease, a little. He doubted he would ever be completely at ease with this woman. There was about her an air of sensuous excitement that electrified the very air surrounding her. He started the motor and pulled from the curb. "It’s a twenty minute drive to The Rocking E."

She leaned her head against the back of the seat. "I can use the rest."

Alex got a firmer grip on the steering wheel. "I appreciate you doing this."

Gayle lifted her head, and stared at him. "I don’t mind, and I can use the extra money."

Alex glanced briefly in her direction. The dress she looked so sensational in was a cheap off-the-rack special. He pulled his gaze back to the road. With a proper coiffure and wearing a designer gown, this woman would be beyond beautiful. He chased from his thoughts the fantasy of how she would look wearing nothing, with that gorgeous mane of hair loose and flowing down her back. "I hope your date wasn’t too disappointed." Her look of surprise made him add, "This is Saturday night."

In a matter-of-fact voice she told him, "I didn’t have a date to disappoint."

Before he opened his mouth, Alex chided himself for asking such a personal question. It seemed important that he know. "You don’t date? Are you married?" For the first time in years, Alexander Ellison blushed.

Gayle laughed -- a deep throaty sound that began low in her throat and floated upward and out her mouth. "I’m not married and I didn’t say I don’t date, I said I didn’t have a date."

Alex laughed too. It wasn’t a polite chortle but an amused chuckle. This woman's candor was refreshing. "My mistake, and I apologize for asking such a personal question."

Gayle shrugged one shoulder. "I get asked that question on a daily basis." From the corner of his eye he watched as she gave him an assessing glance. "Don’t you? Are you?"

The hair on Alex’s neck stood on end. Her nearness played havoc with his equilibrium. "The answer to both questions is no. I don’t get asked and I’m not married."

"Are you gay?"

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