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A Tabor Heights, Ohio Novel: The Mission -- EPUB

  • Paul's fresh start threatens Claire's dreams for the Mission, until partnership and a little girl's prayers for a new mother change everything.

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Release Date:
March 1, 2012
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

Product Description


Claire came to Tabor five years ago to make a new start. Her life is wrapped up in the Mission, which now has funds for renovations and expansion.

Paul comes to be head custodian, threatening her equilibrium. First, his daughter, Sammy, asks if Claire will be her new mommy, then Claire begins to fear Paul will take over, changing the vision and goals of the Mission.

Paul only wants a fresh start and a safe home for Sammy. The Mission’s vision has caught his imagination, and Claire has caught his heart. Teamwork for the sake of the Mission promises to become so much more, and personal, if they only have the courage to take a chance


Paul pulled the truck into the Holwoods' driveway and climbed out. Brock started making introductions. Paul stepped forward to shake Nikki's hand and the movement revealed a little figure curled up on the bench seat, just starting to stir. Claire barely heard Brock introduce her to Paul, who saw the direction of her gaze and turned back to the cab.

"Hey, sleepy." He reached in and gathered up a bundle of platinum curls, bare feet, and faded denim. Claire felt her face heat up. Proven wrong twice in less than ten minutes. This was not the rebellious adolescent she had envisioned. Sammy Hunter couldn't be more than five years old. An adorable, sleepy five years old. Paul cuddled her close, rubbed her back, and whispered to her as she scrubbed her eyes. When the child finally had both eyes open, her father introduced her to the three adults. Claire couldn't help comparing Paul Hunter with Rich Thomas, his obvious tenderness for his child versus the casual affection the fugitive custodian had sometimes spattered on his adoring little girl.

No doubt about it: Sammy Hunter was wanted long before she was born. Not an accident and burden like poor little Aurora Thomas.

"And this lady is Miss Donnelly. She's Daddy's new boss, too," Paul said, turning Sammy to face her.

"Miss Claire," she responded with a smile. "All the children call me that. I'm so glad to finally meet you, Sammy."

Claire felt her heart twist when the little girl's face lit up slowly, like sunrise. She sat up straight in her father's arms.

"Is she my new mommy?"

"Sammy--" Paul blushed a red so intense it was almost neon. "Miss Donnelly--"

"I prayed really hard," the child continued. "I asked God for a new mommy. I want you."

"Why?" Claire had to ask. She could barely speak, caught between an onslaught of tears, laughter, panic and hunger. Her arms actually ached with the need to cuddle Sammy close.

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