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A Tabor Heights, Ohio Novel Book Seven : Firesong -- EPUB

  • Dani lives for music and ministry. How can Kurt convince her that love is in God's plan for her life, too?

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Release Date:
February 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Dani has known all her life that God called her to ministry and music. Her life revolves around her brother and their band, Firesong.

Kurt returns to Tabor to prepare for a crusade and reunite with old friends. He never expects Dani to capture his imagination, and then his heart. How can he convince the girl who once disdained him as an arrogant jerk to open her heart to him -- especially when she believes ministry leaves no room for romance?

Between the crusade, concerts, a new CD, and her brother's wedding, Dani doesn’t have time for Kurt's nonsense … but sometimes he gives her those looks that make her doubt everything she knows and believes.


Kurt stood in the back of the auditorium with his mouth hanging open and didn't care if anyone saw him. He had been impressed at the Mission, but that had been Firesong having fun with friends. Here, this was Firesong polished and sparkling, professional without being slick. Dani glowed, even when the spotlight didn't track her as the lead.

He wished he had a dozen roses to give her when she walked off the stage. He wished he had the right to kiss her when he told her how wonderfully the band performed.

"Hot stuff," the bass player for the White Knights said, with a chuckle just loud enough for Kurt to hear. The only reason they had come to the opening meeting of the conference was because there was nothing else to do on campus. "Think we can get her to quit those dweebs and sing with us?"

"Wonder which one she belongs to?" the drummer said.

"Three are her cousins," Kurt said, leaning over the back of the seats, close enough to smell the musky perfume someone had bathed in. "The one at the keyboard is her big brother. Lay one hand on her, and they'll break more than your drumsticks."

For once, he saw something like respect in the snot's face. Kurt wished he could have made stronger threats. He felt soiled, as if it were his fault these immature hypocrites ogled Dani.

Still, how could anyone not want to get close enough to look in her eyes and hold her hand, put an arm around her and even dare to taste the sweetness of her kiss? Dani was the epitome of the inner beauty Paul had praised in his epistle. It wasn't her fault that it made cretins want to own her.

"Please, Lord," Kurt whispered as Firesong slid into their third number of the evening, "keep her safe."

He fully intended to hand the White Knights over to a conference worker at the end of the opening ceremonies and hurry backstage to congratulate Firesong and warn them, but his cell phone rang. The crusade team in Tabor Heights had an emergency -- the fairgrounds had been booked for the crusade for eight months now, but now the administrators suddenly claimed someone else had priority. A one-day event in the middle of the crusade week. Kurt wished he could simply pass the task of straightening things out to someone else, but he was the leader of the team for another month, until his superiors came to town and took over. He also knew who to call and what buttons to push and strings to pull.

He handed the White Knights over to another guard and hurried off to do his most important job. He would have to trust God to keep Dani safe.

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