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A Tabor Heights, Ohio Novel Book Four: A Quiet Place -- EPUB

  • Vicious in-laws threaten to take Jeannette's son. Protecting her could drive her away, or into Nathan's arms at last.

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Release Date:
May 1, 2010
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Jeannette Marshall married Brody Evans despite the in-laws. Their love was deeper, stronger than what she felt for Nathan Lewis, her orphanage "big brother". They planned on seminary and a big family -- but a year later, Jeanette returned to Tabor Heights widowed and pregnant, and driven away by her hateful in-laws.

But Tabor Heights was home, her quiet shelter. With the love and support of her friends, she prepared for the birth of her son. With Nathan to be uncle to BJ, she had all she needed. Even if she sometimes wondered if she should have let Nathan persuade her to marry him instead of Brody.

Nathan realized too late he loved Jeannette as more than a little sister. When she returned, he put aside his hopes for a second chance, positive she would never heal enough to love him that way.

All that mattered was that she and BJ were safe and happy.

Then the Evans clan comes to town, scheming and telling lies to get custody of BJ. Nathan would do anything to protect Jeannette -- but everything he tries seems to drive them further apart. Can he convince Jeannette what she means to him before it's too late?


Still chuckling, she turned to face the gray-haired stranger stepping into the office. He leaned his closed, dripping umbrella against the counter.

"Welcome to Tabor Christian," she said, voice still bright and bubbling. "How can I help you?"

It wasn't her job to man the counter, in her position as Pastor Glenn's secretary and assistant to the financial officers, but everyone else on the office staff was at lunch. Jeannette didn't mind; Tabor Christian was her home and anchor.

"Yes, thanks," the man said as he tipped off his hat and shook it behind him to get rid of the last few drops. "My family is moving to Tabor and we're looking for a new church and--"

His mouth dropped open and a soft, indrawn gasp escaped him. His tan went two shades paler as he tried to speak and could only get his jaws to open and close a half dozen times.

Jeannette slowly set down her son's framed photo so she wouldn't drop it -- or clutch it so hard it broke. She clasped her hands and prayed wordlessly for strength.

Or that this would turn out to be just a bad dream.

"Hello, George," she said and put on the reserved, polite smile she saved for troublemakers in the congregation. Maybe that was jumping to conclusions, condemning him before she knew the facts. But what else could she expect except trouble? The Evans clan had come to Tabor, in the person of her oldest brother-in-law.

"Jeannette," he sighed, and seemed to deflate a little. "What are you doing here?"

"Tabor is my home. I grew up here. I live here now." She bit her lip to keep from adding, 'I'm the church secretary, I'm not leaving, so stay away.' That wasn't a Christian attitude. Brody would be disappointed. Pastor Glenn would be disappointed. God would be disappointed.

"That's right. How could I have forgotten?" George murmured. "I knew I'd heard the name before."

"Your company transferred you here?"

"I just got hired by DeWitt-McGregor." Pride vibrated through his voice.

So like her son, just last week, when he counted all the way to fifty without a mistake.

"Congratulations," Jeannette murmured, when she really wanted to ask if his company finally got tired of his mother's interference and fired him to get rid of her. Just because the elder Mr. Evans had been vice president when he died, the woman thought her son had the inborn right to not only work at the same company, but to run it.

She pulled her thoughts back from a maelstrom of painful memories and regrets, and bitter, vindictive daydreams and wishes.

"You're moving to Tabor? We have a package to introduce people to town. Let me get it."

She was glad to turn away from his shadowed, searching eyes and regain her composure and breath. Jeannette said a few more quick prayers as she knelt and dug for the envelope with the maps, coupon books, and DVD the church outreach board had put together.

When she stood up again, George held the framed photo in both hands. Tears made his eyes glisten and he slowly shook his head as his color returned.

"Your son?" he managed to say in a reasonably even voice.

Jeannette wanted to lie, but how could she when a sagging, aged version of her beloved Brody stared at the photo of the nephew he had never met, looking all too human in his shock?

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