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A Tabor Heights, Ohio Anthology: Seasons -- EPUB

  • Four stories of love, laughter, dreams, and tears as friendships and misunderstandings plant the seeds of love for residents of Tabor Heights.

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Release Date:
November 1, 2009
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

Product Description


Cops and Bobbers: Officer Mike will do whatever it takes to get closer to Rec Director Trina, even put on swim trunks and help beginning swimmers at the city pool.

Troubleshooting: Jake follows Bailey to church, his first Sunday in Tabor. Hired to find an embezzler, he is dismayed to realize she is the prime suspect, and fights to prove her innocence.

In the Air, On the Air: Riley knows how Clark Kent felt about Superman, when Gina seems to like his radio alter-ego, Whit, more than him. What's a mild-manner DJ to do to win the girl of his dreams?

From Turkey to Mistletoe: A nasty office trick sends Mitch to Jenna's door while she still aches over Thanksgiving dinner no-shows. Their instant friendship grows despite office politics until Christmas, the season of miracles.


"It's just the uniform. You don't know anything about the guy inside the uniform. What if he's completely different in trunks, in the pool? What if he really doesn't like kids, it's a routine when he does the DARE program?" she muttered, and wished she had chosen ice cream for lunch. All that milk and sugar would have put her into a semi-coma for the afternoon and she wouldn't be panicking like this. "What were you doing, asking him to help with the swimming, just to spend more time with him? Do you really want a guy who can be caught by a bathing suit and glitter?" Trina swallowed hard to fight the flip-flop of sensations in her gut and chest. First a falling, heavy feeling that made it hard to breathe, then a butterfly, giddy trembling that stole her breath.

Either way, her brain was starved for oxygen.

"Breathe, you scheming vixen," she muttered, and burst out laughing in the middle of inhaling, so she almost collapsed and slid off her chair. "Okay," she scolded herself after she got her breath and her seat back. "You've been manufacturing reasons for months to be around Mike, to talk to him. Todd James just happens to be part of the package deal. Fine. He's a jerk and I don't know what Patty sees in him, but fine ¿ but at least he's a helpful jerk, even if he does half the things I really want Mike to do, because Patty is there and he wants to make points with her and... I know he doesn't like me, but maybe if I ask him to stop being so helpful and leave it all for Mike to do?"

She heard the horsy laughter of Missy Rhodes, and sprang up from her chair to look out the window. Her heart stopped for at least five seconds as she saw Mike kneeling in front of Missy's wheelchair, playing that hand-slapping game she could never seem to get the hang of. She knew Mike was good, had seen him trounce the boys in their church when they played on the sidelines during basketball games or other events, but this time Missy was winning.

That grin on Mike's face, crooked and kind of misty-eyed, assured her that she hadn't been imagining his affection for kids or the good soul inside the big man. To see that was almost as precious as hearing Missy laugh, full out, without choking or losing her breath. This might be Missy's last summer in the Rec Program. It seemed every season, another part of her body betrayed her, and the cascade effect of physical problems grew progressively worse. Trina considered holding a sweet sixteen party for Missy this fall when she turned fourteen, just so she wouldn't miss out.

Mike Nichols made Missy laugh. Trina suspected she had been slowly falling in love with the man since the day she met him. Now, she was sure, and it wasn't a fall but a deliberate, eyes-wide-open dive.

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