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A Second Splendor -- EPUB

  • Max Anderson arrives early for his daughter’s wedding and walks into a situation that demands his attention.  His interference causes all hell breaks loose.
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Release Date:
JULY 11, 2014
Cover Artist:
Taria Reed
Photography Credit::
Taria Reed Studios
Female Model:
Angelina Cavanaugh
Male Model:
Shane Rice

Product Description


Julie Anderson is not happy when her ex-husband comes to town early to attend their daughter Sharon’s wedding. He brings with him a host of bad memories and that same old attitude. Max has always been more trouble than she can handle. He has broken her heart in the past - not once, but twice.

Max returns home hoping for one last chance to make things right with Julie. He is caught in a double bind when he encounters the unstable circumstances surrounding his daughter’s coming marriage. She is set to marry Dan Garner, the son of Julie’s business partner, but he suspects her heart belongs to Brett Morrison, the former man in her life. The situation begs for his intervention. He intrudes with the best of intentions. When he does all hell breaks loose.


Max shifted gears and pulled off the highway onto a deserted farm-to-market road. "Now that I think about it, I'd like to see the old place myself." He slowed for a curve in the road. "How long since you've been out here?"

Julie closed her mind and her heart to a torment too painful to bear, even now. "I've forgotten."

Max leaned over the steering wheel and peered into the darkness. "I'm not sure I remember where to turn."

Julie looked out into the blackness. "Have we passed Randall's Farm?"

Max nodded. "Just a few moments ago."

"Take the next left."

Max swerved suddenly. "You spoke just in time."

Once they were off the farm-to-market road, the pavement narrowed and gradually disappeared completely. Max maneuvered over a bumpy, narrow surface that became no more than a cow trail covered with debris and weeds. Finally he asked, "How much farther?"

Julie shook her head, trying to clear her mind. "I'm not sure. It's been almost ten years, but I think it's around the next bend."

It was. Max sighed with relief as his headlights picked up the reflected shimmer from the water-filled pit. He switched off his headlights, plunging them into inky darkness. "This place is almost spooky." He swore under his breath. "Damn! What have I let you talk me into this time?"

Julie unfastened her seatbelt. "I didn't talk you into anything. You're the one who wanted to see if this place still looked the same."

"You're the one who mentioned it first."

Julie giggled. "Talk about deja vu. We sound like we did twenty years ago, fighting over nothing and blaming each other for everything."

In the darkness she could feel Max's smile. "Let's get out and look around. I'll turn on the car lights so we can see." He hit the switch, flooding the pit with a soft eerie light. Curls of fog and mist rose from its depths and climbed like apparitions in the night air.

As they met in front of the car, Max extended his arm. "Give me your hand." Julie laced her fingers through his. They were warm and strong to her touch. They picked their way over the rough terrain, stepping cautiously and being careful to stay in the beam of the headlights.

They reached the side of the pit. Max sank down on a grassy knoll and pulled Julie down beside him. "What memories this place calls to mind. It's like stepping backward in time."

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