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A Hand to Hold -- EPUB

  • In the fight to save his home town from ruin, Caleb Langley wages a second battle -- one to win the heart of a girl.
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Release Date:
December 1, 2012
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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Having come to Brady Hill as an orphaned child with a missing arm, Caleb Langley cherishes his memories of growing up in a place where he's been loved and embraced from the moment he arrived. Now, with the zinc mine closed, Brady Hill finds itself in a state of near ruin, and Caleb agonizes over what can be done to save his home.

Sarah Sheldon has lived life in the shadow of a once prosperous mining town, and resents those residents still living in the past, who refuse to accept fate and move on. To Sarah, the demise of Brady Hill may be the best thing that's ever happened to her.

Frustrated by Sarah's dismal view of the town where they grew up, Caleb sets out to not only rescue his hometown, but help Sarah see why it's worth saving.


Caleb stepped through the doorway to discover the front porch covering torn away. He looked up directly into open sky. The clouds above parted, and the evening sun shown, peaceful and serene -- a contrast to the havoc below.

"Your family alright over there?" Dan Jenkins picked through the debris in his yard across the street. Mr. Jenkins' house was missing a large section of the roof but otherwise intact.

"I think so," Caleb yelled back.

Mr. Jenkins continued to cross the road. "I'm gonna check on Mrs. Timberlake."

Caleb nodded. He then stepped off the porch and turned around to inspect the damage. A sizable hole gaped in the roof, and he could see into the attic. The shingles from the turret and the remaining roof had mostly been stripped away. What struck him most was the paint: scraped off and peeling so it looked like the house had been deserted for years. Only moments ago the paint had been fresh and glossy.

Caleb looked toward town. Lines were down and clutter filled the street, but the buildings seemed to have fared well. When he turned the other direction, the air fled his lungs.

The Abbott’s house, only three doors down, had collapsed into a pile of rubble. The one next to it leaned like it might topple over at any moment. Heavens...

He stepped forward with a growing sense of unease as his gaze trailed the path of destruction. The tornado may have only grazed the top of his house, but this direction it had clearly touched down. Sarah's house was this way. Oh Lord, please... He broke into a run.

"Caleb! The power lines!" his dad called. "Wait, son!"

His father's words were a distant echo beneath the thundering of Caleb's pulse. He dodged lines, felled trees, driven by a single intent. Get to her.

His mind reeled over what he saw in the dwindling light of day -- houses twisted off their foundations, smashed into one another, chimneys standing as the lone survivor to where a home had once been. Panic clogged his throat, and with every gasp for air, he heard his own voice crying, "No... No..."

The vacant house on Sarah's street corner, half collapsed and holding up trees, blocked his view of the Sheldon's, but the sight of Lila Carson's home slammed into him like a hard fist square in his chest. The huge elm in front of her home lay on its side, having smashed through the center of the house, folding it inward, and cutting it completely in two.

Blinded by tears, Caleb drew in his breath and unleashed his raging fear. "Sarah...!"

A hand gripped the bicep of his maimed arm and he turned. The look in his father's eyes reflected Caleb's pain. His dad continued forward. Caleb swallowed and forced himself to move on as well. With each step the view around the corner came nearer. Could he handle what he would find?

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