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A Dream To Be Loved -- EPUB

  • Kate is content in the belief her quiet goal oriented life is under control, until Drake comes along and disrupts her sense of security.
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Release Date:
May 21, 2012
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Kate has spent her adult years focused on fulfilling a list of carefully planned goals she created as a teenager. Once the last is accomplished, she finds security and comfort in the belief she is in complete control of her own destiny.

Drake moves from the city to accept the position of Vice President for a large manufacturing company in a small town. Fully confident he can do the job, he is ready to settle down somewhere quiet and look for the ideal woman to start a family with.

After years of hard work, Kate finally has her good job, good friends and a home she loves. The one contingency she purposely left off her list was any kind of personal involvement with a man. There is no room in her master plan for such things. That is, until Drake Hampton walks into her life sending a shockwave through her tranquil existence and, forcing her to face the possibility.


When the others disbursed, Kate stood staring at the roses. Nobody had ever sent her flowers before, let alone roses. She wasn't sure what to think about the gesture. Maybe it was simply meant to be a thank you for taking the time to answer his questions. Although she hadn't noticed him sending roses and chocolate to anyone else he had talked to. Before she had time to come to any conclusions the lunch bell rang. She opened the bottom desk drawer to get her purse when the phone rang. Two short rings meant it was a call from inside the building. Kate considered not answering it. There were those in the building who considered their needs much more important than her lunch break. On the third ring, however, she gave in and answered it.

"Tool crib."

"Hello, Kate." The now familiar voice vibrated through her.

"Hello, Mr. Hampton."

She heard his soft chuckle. "I thought we were past formal names."

"Is there something I can help you with?"

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the other night."

"You already did that." Her voice softened. "Thank you for the flowers. They're beautiful."

"I'm glad you like them. I am also glad you're being so gracious about them. I was afraid you either wouldn't accept them or you'd give me one of those you really shouldn't have speeches."

"I figure we both already know you shouldn't have so I decided not waste my breath. And despite the reputation I have around here, not even I could refuse such gorgeous roses. So I decided to simply enjoy them for their natural beauty and not ruin it by making a scene."

"Did you get the chocolate as well?"

She slid into her chair and drew her knees up propping her feet on the open drawer. "Yes I did, but I'm not going to thank you for it. That was just plain mean," she said, grinning. It was strange, but somehow talking to him on the phone was easier than face to face.

"Mean? Why was it mean?"

"Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to give that much chocolate to a woman who lives alone? With no one to hold me accountable for how much I eat, don't be surprised when I call in sick tomorrow with a chocolate hangover."

She closed her eyes and listened to the deep throaty laugh. His voice became soft and sensual. "I would hate to think I was responsible for making you sick. Maybe I should come over and spend the evening with you so I can make sure you're safe."

Kate felt color flood her cheeks. She hadn't meant for that to be an invitation. "I'd be safer alone with the chocolate." She also hadn't meant for that to be out loud.

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